Wave petunias

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I was just wondering if anyone knew whether the wave petunia seeds will be good or not. I'm not sure if the wave is a hybrid or not. I took some seed from mine yesterday.
someone sent me some in a trade and my daughter planted them and they came up so I think you can save them to plant next year why not..
I seem to remember reading about this and thinking that it appeared some were hybrids and some weren't. At least some are listed as hybrids, and some give no indication one way or the other.
The waves are a seed variety, so unless there are other petunias around for them to cross pollinate with them they should come back true. Freezing seeds overwinter is never a bad idea, so if you have space I would put them in. I would love to overwinter my Proven Winner petunias, but will likely end up with a big bug problem. I do cuttings from my Geraniums every year and they were awesome this year.

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