weeping willow

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i have a question? i have a weeping willow in my front yard and i just noticed today that it has red root tips coming out all over the trunk......can anyone tell me why its doing this? i have never seen it do this before. i can also get pics if you like....
thanks clevis
Hi Clevis and welcome to the GF site.
A picture might help
Again welcome it sure is nice to see a new name here. I was gonna say a new face.
I have a Weeping Willow and have never seen this! I would like to see your pics.
By the way... welcome to Gardenforums Clevis. We're glad to have you with us.
weeping willow pics

here is a pic of the tree, it has red roots coming out of it


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thanks for the site kya d, but the red things coming out of the tree are also coming out at the bottom and going into the ground, and also all around the tree on the ground the red roots are coming out the ground........and the red roots are coming out on the tree way above my head. we have also had alot of rain the past 2 weeks and the willow is in line with the drain on my pond filter.....just not sure about it....lol
do you think it may be some type of fungis?...
Welcome to the place clevis...
We have a member named Treeman ...I do think he may be able to help here...I sent him a PM to see if he may know ...Jump on in and enjoy th eplace
Clevis... you sure have me flumoxed here. The red "root tips" appear to be the fruiting body of a fungus, the mushroom so to speak. I can't really say whether it is just living on the bark or the concuctive tissues beneath the bark. If it is arising from beneath the bark it is a problem. If its only living on the bark then it probably is a a result of your dampish weather and unlikely to cause real harm.

The fungus may well have been present for several years and only fruits infrequently when weather conditions are just right. The fact the treee appears to be in full leaf is a a sign that it is not an infection of the conductive tissues beneath the bark. Also your description that the "roots" are all over the ground is another indication it is not pathogenic as it appears it may be present on decaying organic matter on or near the soil surface.

The best I can recommencd is wait and see. It will probably be gone in a couple days to a couple of weeks. If the tree continues to be healthy, your in the clear. If it is a disease of the conductive tissue, then the tree is already a goner as it is widesread throughout the tree and very likely not curable. I expect you'll know for sure with in a month.
hey everyone i took samples and pics down to my county agriculture cooperative extension service, and they looked everything over and heres what they said.........

Diagnosis: The consensus among the forestry experts is that the odd structures are indeed willow adventatious buds due to the plant being under enormous stress from being in too wet an environment.

too much rain here folks and i have to stop flushing my koi pond near the tree also.....lol
thanks for all your help...........clevis
Wow..and I always thought the wet ground would make a happier Willow as I understood they seek water! Maybe it makes them tooo happy??
Glad you shared this with us Clevis, now we know.
A Willow Tree 'drunk'from to much water! ( glad ya solved the root of the trouble ) :p
* interesting*

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