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Hello and welcome to GardenForums. As you can guess by the name, this forum will be about gardening and related subjects.

We're just getting started, so pardon our dust. I've created a basic framework, and set up the categories I think we'll need.

Now that I've done that, I'm going to ask the members for help. I want the members to have a lot of input into how the place is set up. Right now it's like a big patch of bare ground, and we can develop it any way we'd like. So if you have an idea for what you'd like to see, let me know!
I'm here and created a thread so that is working.. It's looking good. :):D
Smilies are working.
You're #3 Swindy, but don't feel bad. You don't want to be #1, that's way too much work, and besides I'm the guy they send the server bill to every month.
I see we've got a 4th visitor. Not bad for a place that's only been open a few hours.
Maggie You're a doll lol thanks for popping in so fast and welcome this is going to be fun.

Bob you'll always be #1

Two days later:

Threads: 59, Posts: 455, Members: 29, Active Members: 29

Over 400 posts in less that two days, and 29 members already? You know, this thing just might work out... ;)
I knew it wouldnt take long once we got the word out for friends to join. Most of us have been in limbo since Jackie sold the site. Thanks Bob
Hey Bob,
Congrats and thanks to Lynn for letting me know that you are up and running. I'm looking forward to your magic.
Hugs, Nancy B. (Remembering the old daze...)
You are welcome. Glad to see you here Sass. It's so great seeing old friends all together again.
Two days later:

Over 400 posts in less that two days, and 29 members already? You know, this thing just might work out... ;)
MIGHT work, you say.....Bob - you didn't know what you were doing when you gave us back our gardening forum paradise!!!

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