What a blessing you are Treva

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Just wanted to thank you Treva for all the plants that you sent me,,they arrived safe and sound,,,and wow did you ever send me the whole garden!!!:DI was expecting two and got a whole big envelope full...you are such a dear sweetheart and I appreciate it so very much for what you have done,,,thank you for your kindness and for your sharing with me,,,you take care hon, God bless you and your loved ones,,I hope I posted in the right spot this time:D,,Cassie
THANK YOU SO MUCH Cassie and Flowers!!!
Y'all have also BLESSED me!
I have made so many wonderful garden friends, and been so very BLESSED!
I LOVE the sharing of our plants, gardens and most of all our friendships!
Yes Treva is a very special friend, I'm glad to have her friendship as well.
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Treva is cool water in the desert heat. A friend who brings joy as a gift and reminds us of our hope. She is not afraid to put on the armor and stand with us in prayer as a powerful warrior. We call for blessings for her as she has blessed us abundantly!!!!
You all, are the ones that BLESS Me!
Thank You so much, and I Thank The Lord for sending such wonderful friends into my life!
I am so very humb:eek:led by this thread.

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