what a deal

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Kya D

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Yesterday while I was in town I went to the nursery that a friend of mine owns and started picking up a few perennials when Lorraine (my friend) came up and told me that all of the 1 gal. perennials are going on sale next week for 50% off but she would sell them to me now for 50% off. I was thrilled cuz they are a little spendy but I always try to buy somethings from her every year, so I picked up 2 cranesbill, 1 light pink and 1 dark blue, 1 pot of hens and chicks the pot is packed it has 21 of em in a 1 gal. pot in lots of sizes, shapes and colors. A friend gave me a gaura that blooms white and it quickly became one of my favorite shrubs so I also picked up 2 gaura one that is called passionate blush foliage is maroon w/ beautiful pink blossoms and passionate rainbow, green, yellow and maroon foliage w/ pink blossoms.
Plus wal mart had all of their daffs, tulips, and hyacinths on for 1/2 price so I had to pick up some of them too. All in all it was a great trip to town
Here are the hens and chicks. I can't wait to get them in the ground.


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Good find Kya can't run up on deal's like that often.Love the hen and chick's.

I was on my way to get a few thing's today.After a stop at the grocerystore.Gave them all my money:(Going to stop by Freds Department store first.And then to check out some roses.Never made it though some little lady in the wrong lane turned ahead of me.:eek:I hit her no way to stop.All my grocery's that was in back seat is now riding up front with me.Bent the plastic bumper and the panel around my head light she got a scratch and paint from my car on her's.But thank God no one was hurt.And another good thing a state trooper was behind her and saw what she did.

Kya D

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Holy cow spider I am so glad you are OK
Things like that really shake up your world. I am also glad that a cop saw the whole thing, that way you don't have to prove that you aren't at fault.


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Wish I had some monies :(

Spider I'm glad you are o.k.
and that there was a cop to witness what she did:D


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Love those kinds of deals!
Love the sempervivums!!

Don't like the accident Spider!
Glad you are all right!
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Kya D

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I really like the sempervivum,houseleek, hens and chicks, that looks like coral (bright kinda lime green in the middle.) I am pretty sure that it looks that way cuz it is squished. But I still like it.

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