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We have been letting the back part of out property grow up for the wildlife. There are some interesting things popping up. Does anybody know what these are? Thanks


I don't think so...will try to get some better pictures. The leaves feel thick...and the bloom or whatever that thing is is a round ball....they seem to have two of them
Cool...so it draws butterflies? I am going to research it a little to see if I want to move it up to my butterfly garden. Thanks ladies...you are awesome!!
I won't profess to be smart, just experienced. I am not sure I would put it into a garden, after all, it is a weed for a reason. I guess if you are going to control it, it wouldn't be so bad. Hubby, being the smart as- that he is just told me that if you want Monarchs, Milkweed is their thing. Ha. Oh well, if it is an informal garden I guess a milkweed or two wouldn't hurt. Sheesh, why do I always give in to him?
yup its milkweed and the monarch butterflies lay their eggs on mine
i've got some growing in the garden that i need to move to another spot
The garden I was going to put some in consists of Lilacs, butterfly bush, lunaria, canterbury bells, and obedient plant....it also has some mums and asters that bloom in the fall. Maybe I will just leave it in the back...I am sure the flutterbies will find their way up to my garden. One day when I was home on lunch break to let the dogs out...couldn't find one of the dogs and came around the house to find about 20 butterflies hovering in the garden...it was amazing...hoping to catch this site again this year but have my camera. Thanks for all the advise!!!
Hi all of you.

Seeing you talk about Milkweed makes me wonder if any of you remember-------during the WW11 I was in country school (one room for 8 grades, Gee, I'm ancient it seems) in Pennsylvania. The whole school would go out for a period and search out Milkweed and collect the frizzy thistle tops. These would sit in bags to be collected once a week for the war effort. I never quite understood what they would do with them, but I was told it was used for parashoots.

That along with stripping tin foil from gum wrappers was always left to the kids.

Of course, back then EVERYONE saw reason to be patriotic!
my granddaughter was looking for milkweed seed this spring and didn't find any. She was wanting to grow some to attract butterflys. Where do you get your seeds?
The milkweed here grows wild....I didn't plant it...I would be happy to save you seed if you want it
I remember saving the tin foil like that and I also remember that it wan't that easy to find gum at the stores. When the war was over, I also remember seeing Double Bouble come back into the stores and how happy I was to be able to buy penny bubble gum again.

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