What are these bird's.

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What kind of bird's are these?When we went to Florida to visit our daughter.We stopped for lunch and ordered drive through.We sit and ate in the car .These bird's would fly up to the car window and take french fries from your hand.We sit there along time enjoying the bird's.Have no clue what they are.


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Grackles are one of my favs because they are not very fearful of humans. They know where there are humans there is a free meal! They can be very comical also. Alot of fun to watch
The problem I have with grackles is that they tend to flock. I had 20 0r 30 coming to my bird feeder a few years back, and they would bully some of the smaller birds.

Ha, good story, there were some grackles and a couple of doves on a platform feeder I had. The grackles started posturing and trying to force the doves off. One of the doves struck that 'peace dove' posture. You know, the one you see with the wings back, breast plumped, and an olive branch in its beak? Well, this one struck that pose, and ran across the platform and smacked the grackle with her plumped up breast, and knocked him off the feeder!
yeah I have a problem with grackles too..the "swarm" my feeders
one time last year I couldn't even see 3 of my feeders ecause of all of them

This year hasn't been so bad I have this one feeder that is wire mesh that I put a nut blend in and my "Red Bellied" woodpecker goes after the grackles like no bodies business That's "HIS" feeder and he ain't gonna share :D
The little Downies even go after them

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