What do you do with the tulip leaves and stems?

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Back around Easter I purchased this tea cup planter and put a tulip and (can't remember) bulb arrangement in it. Looked great while the plants were in bloom now I'm left with this: picture link.

Do I just cut these down and put the planter in the shed till next spring?
WOW that is a TEACUP! You can cut off the stems but DO NOT cut off the leaves. Tulips use the leaves to feed and then will come back next year. I would just trim the stems and then just store it for next year or if you want to use the beautiful teacup for something else then just plant those in the ground and they will come back next year.
I have a teacup simular to that cept mine is white with yellow flowers

and I have one that doesn't have a saucer that has those kind of funky stripes on it

Where did you get yours?

yes clip the stems but leave the leafs!!! ;)
Hi Mike,
Nice cup! Becki is correct in the fact you do not want to cut the leaves off. They will die back at which time you should dig and store your bulbs for next year if you are in a warmer area. In the south we must but our bulbs in the freezer for 6 weeks prior to spring. If not they may not bloom. Something about cold generates growth in some bulbs such as tulips, daffodills and hyacinths.
Thank you all for the replies. I'll cut the stems this evening and leave the leaves to just fall off.

It looks like the other (can't remember) are hyacinths

Yes! Hyacinths. That is what they are, thank you :)

Where did you get yours?

They had them on clearance at JCPenny for $12.00 so I grabbed it thinking it would make a nice gift. But then I liked it so much I just kept it :D

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