What is this bush?

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I keep seeing this bush everywhere and don't know what it is. Can you help me? I would also like to know how to take a start from it. Thank you!


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I can't say for sure, but I kind of agree....the flowers look a bit like some Magnolia flowers that my mom has...Hers are pink, and the bush is obviously a different type of magnolia, but the shape of the flowers is quite similar. I am surprised there are flowers and no leaves. The leaves on magnolias are very attractive.
Yep that's it! From what I have read, I can take cuttings and root them. Thanks for the info! Theresa :)
Nice plant. I am guessing woody stock so it would be good for cuttings??? If so and you want to trad let me know what you are looking for.
As far as a start I would try layering it. Take a low branch that will reach the ground, scrape the bark on the underside, and if you have any roottone or other rooting hormone dust the wound lightly, then anchor the injured are into the soil. Be sure it is firm and stable and leave it for the season. The injured tissue will callus and should send out roots. Onece th roots are well established, you can sever the umbilical. Leave it in place till late next winter then move it to the new location or a pot.
Well this isn't my bush. It is in front of the old elementary school. Story is that there was a girl that died years ago that went to the school and they planted this in her memory. From what I understand she was 6-7 yrs old and had an anurisom (spelling). The building is now an Imagrant daycare and Food pantry in the back. No one takes care of the bush now. I wouldn't want to dig up the bush just maybe take a couple of clippings from it.
They didn't know what it was that was planted, cause it sure looks like Royal Star to me and would be a nice thing to plant in memory of someone.
Well I think it was planted so long ago that many people has forgotten. It was an elderly lady that told me the story. She said I wasn't born yet. so Umm at least 39 yrs :)
I think I'd ask whoever the property owner is and maybe even do a little research as to who's memory its planted for. I have two very small starts of periwinkle from an 1800's family graveyard that's not kept up anymore and I remember what I've read of the people and what I know from my own history from my grandmother. It might be worth the effort for you. All they can say is no if they don't want to, but maybe someone might be honored you are interested. If you'd like me to try to research it for you to find who it is I'd be more than happy to. I see you and I are both Buckeyes so it might be a pretty cool. :) You can pm me if it's something you'd like to work on.
DC you are the greatest. They are hardy to zone 4 so now I have to search for one.

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