What is this plant? Can anyone help me?

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Hello. Can anyone tell me what this is? I just moved recently and I'm still trying to figure out what all the flowers and shrubs are.



Thank you :)
Not positive, but the leaf and flower look like Crepe Myrtle. Do a little Google search and see if you agree.
Whew, glad that I got agreement there. They aren't hardy in Ontario, but since we are in the states now I have seen lots of them around. I think that the bark is very interesting as they age. We saw some beauties in Williamsburg last year and I was very intrigued by them.
Thank you so much!!! I wasn't sure and I am very glad to find it is a crepe myrtle since I have seen mature ones that are so pretty.
yes that is and a mighty fine looking one I might add...I do miss mine ...don't see them in this area
[/ATTACH]pretty crape myrtle jaxon! i'm afraid i committed "crape murder" yesterday..ours is "Catawba" i selected it purposely b/c it is supposed to be a medium sized tree- 10'-20' and i adore the lavender/purple flowers...my husb decided it was shading the veggie plot too much so he went hacking!!!i don't know if we have hurt it or not, time will tell..the good news is they bloom better on new wood...i only hope we get new wood:eek::eek:HPIM0194.jpg




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Looks like a pretty good pruning job to me. I think he helped the bush more than he hurt it. It will be more full than it was before.

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