What kind of Pear is this ?

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A mature lady friend down the street has 3 pear trees. One is definitely a Bartlett, the 2nd has green with a pinkish-red blush on one side, and finally the third is a yellow with brown patches. The 2nd and 3rd ripen October-November. The 2nd tree I believe to be either a Kieffer or Comice and the other could be a Winter Nellis pear. Any other ideas ?
Hello GPM...can you take some pictures so people may have a better idea...although there are so very many types it may be rough...if oyu have a county extention they may have better luck ID'ing them
Pics. One with out flash, one with.


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I'll bet you wouldn't like the drippy pear on an 81 year old.....Unless you're a 98 year old coot !
They are shaped like the D'Anjou pear, but mine don't get that pink blush on them. D'Anjou pears come in a purple variety besides the green one. I have two trees of the green variety.
My experience with pears is limited to what I have in my own orchard. You may be in a situation that I found myself in with one of my apple trees. It is a late apple and I picked fruit and took it to the extension office hoping I could get it identified. The expert there could not tell me what it was. I went to an apple farmer whom had many varieties on his place and he was about as much help as the previous fellow. One day I stopped at another apple farm that operated a store on the property. They had a sign up that pretty well answered my question without answering it. The sign said there were over 7,000 varieties of apples. This particular apple must be one of those that is not well known. Because of all that, my apple tree is now known as a Beaman Apple. That's because my friend, Bob Beaman, told me it was my tree so I could call it anything I wanted to call it. Therefore, I may have the only Beaman apple in existence.
How do you like them apples ?

I'm sure there are much fewer pear trees out there. I'd say it was a Comice pear and the other would be a Winter Nellis. Both ripen late in the year and look similar to the one pictured. The Winter Nellis is more of a yellow/light brown color stubby pear.
I'm not familiar with either of those pears. Some of our pears got really big this year and there are still some of the D'Anjou pears on the tree, but not many left now. I like the apples I have, yet I have used practically none from the Yellow Delicious tree. By the time the other trees have provided apples, I have used all I can. I did think though that there were no Yellow Delicious on the tree this year, but I was wrong. There were three and they were all nice large ones. I put them on the counter in the kitchen but I ate all three before anyone else got to them. They did have their chance though as they sat there for about 5 days. I usually have an apple with my lunch and that's how those were used.

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