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I don't think I have ever heard a rose referred to as a "rose shrub", but that doesn't mean that it isn't done. I guess that's my way of saying I don't have any idea.
I kinda hate to put an opinion BUT as far as I know a bush rose does not send out root suckers and the shrub roses if left alone will take over large areas by way of root suckers.
That is my 2 cents worth
I thought a shrub and a bush was the same thing, I know we say I have a rose bush, I think calling it a bush instead of a shrub sounds better, I have a few roses that the tag said shrub rose, so who really knows?? :rolleyes:, wikipedia didn't make it any easier

'Bushy' is usually a description for a shrub rose, but in general, instead of saying "see my pretty floribunda rose", folks will just say, "see my pretty rose bush". The average person may not know what a hybrid tea or a floribunda is. ;)

Weeks Roses explains the different types of roses at their site. Just click on each of the name types to see.

hybrid teas & grandifloras, floribundas, climbing roses, shrublets & shrub roses, miniature roses, tree roses, and All-America Rose Selections - AARS award winners.

Now I don't know what to do! Rose bush, rose shrub, tea rose, and now I found another one, Flower Carpet Rose! So many decisions and no money to do it with! Kinda confusing too:rolleyes:

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