When to divide perennials?

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I have a bed that needs some heliopsis & shasta daisies divided. Have I missed the boat til next year, or is there a time in this growing season that I can still divide them? Also, there seem to be a lot of self seeded babies that are just coming up, I assume those are safe to move any time. Thanks!
I moved my shasta daisy's last fall and they are doing wonderful this year, most plants transplant best on the fall I find, then they can get a good start the next spring. just my thought..
You can transplant most anytime as long as you give plenty of water and understand you will probably disrupt the blooming cycle. That being said, it's best for the plant to transplant in the fall or early spring.
as sunflower said...I would wait until all th eblooms are dead and then dig them up and divided wich would be close to fall I would think...I also have a few beds with the shasta's to be moved and a bunch of hosta's...
I'm digging up plants in my garden and spliitting them apart and potting up some to sell. As long as you water them welll after transplating them, they should be fine. Do not do it on a hot day, I try to dig on cloudy days or evenings. I keep them in the shade for a few days if ti's going to be hot/ I dug up plants all summer long last yr and potted them up and sold almost 400 pots, just keep them watered well
what zone are you in? i'm in zone 5, if you are in a hotter zone, i would probably wait until it cools off some
Give the area a good soak the evening before you dig up to divide.
I pot up the divisions and wait 2 weeks before replanting and keep them inpartial shade and watered daily. It gives me time to ammend the soil where they will be replanted. Best times are early spring, and late summer/early fall for most perennials!
I am zone 5 also, and I only dig and divide in the early spring when the perennials are out of the ground about 2 inches. Good luck.

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