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I went to visit a friends new Garden,I questioned...
What is that?

She hasn't a clue, she is not a gardener but inherited a wonderfully designed butterfly /humming bird garden.

Well, me not looking so bright has not a clue either.
She claims it was blooming in late July -August and had lavender blooms,she has another color as well, can't remember what color that is.:(
She claimed the hummers loved it.Now, this is what I saw (pic) the stem (single) were very woody (not spongy, slightly hollow) more then an inch in diameter. Leaves were (green) alternate not too long actually smaller then the tall phlox.The ground only had tiny little grass like leaves down by the roots. Her neighbor sorta helped herself to these, told my friend she didn't need them all *LOL
So my friend listened and let her take what she wanted ...
Ok my friends fault..I kept asking her about her gardens and told her I was available to help her and strongly advised to take pics! She didn't listen..Anyway any clue as to what this will be next year if roots are left?
About or almost 6feet tall. every dead stem left look the exact same. I do not see seed pods.Oh, she had a few in the garage pile..I saw tiny little growth on one of them sorta like what is on the Elephant ear bulbs pinkish.




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If it was April 1st I would think this was a joke...as it looks like metal with hooks to hand humming bird feeders on ...weird
I assure you it was a live stem earlier with blooms of some kind earlier this year! :)

Think humming bird and butterflies more humming bird because she didn't tell which butterflies. Does this yellow background help any?:eek::eek:

I guess neither of us have ever seen such a thing *LOL! The closest I get is...perhaps... Ironweed:eek: ??
Think maybe that?



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    What yellow back..jpg
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Keep in mind it the skeleton of the blooms,she said, it was once full of blooms
She doesn't know the difference between bulbs and perennials *yet...

:D My first thought,(*lilac) but, wrong leaves.
And then, it has it's own stems.Oh,the stem is a little spongy just a tiny tad...

And the foliage isn't alternate, just like phlox.
Maybe tall Phlox?
mine never look like that,actually mine are still pretty much hanging in there.. last week I trimmed the tops a little.
I went back today to investigate *LOL
Pics may be self explanatory if now ask away.:):)

Thank you for all input..
Makes this challenge more enjoyable..:):):eek:



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Kale I must be missing pictures...as you say "foliage" and I no see any:confused:

:eek::eek: Pic one*LOL I was just showing how long the leaf was ..

End of season :eek:
Here, I'll post it again *LOL (*CLICK ON THE PICS)
Not much to it, it is pretty much gone*lol
It was long and thin..

Charlie Brown *LOL:D



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    PFoliage 2.jpg
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ah...I saw your post but not the pics...silly old lady I am ;)
Did you see them now?
What are you thinking?
Any clues?
Please dont tell me I will have to wait until spring,that is if she is still my friend by then!*LOL
She wants me to be her gardener but she doesnt have $$ I simply can't drive 16miles do endless hours of work for free.
Her gardens are a mess absolute catastrophe.I told her when I was trying to figure out where to plant her 80 bulbs*lol
She stated where!:eek::eek::confused::confused::confused:I then said to myself run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She will never understand what has to be done to get that place presentable besides, I do not know what everything she has there.(On Thursday) She took me to some landscapers house that won best front yard of the month or year I dont remember..it had a few meatball bushes and a little garden with pansies in them around a tree or two.She drooled over it, as we just sat there in the car... I was in tears *LOL Finally I asked if we can leave as she drooled over his lawn*lol It was a nice lawn, if it were in a patch of a golf course or child's playground...to me.
She has 4 wonderfully designed butterfly/ humming gardens if she would take the hours to put it together it would become nearly maintenance free.
I can't work for someone that doesn't appreciate the time knowledge and work that is needed.
She said the lawn mower man charges 25 dollars and that he will clean her beds and cut down her grasses! For that:confused::confused:
Oh my..... she will get what she pays for, that is an easy 6+ hour job,
just to start.Trying to figure out what I will do with her.Getting those bulbs in was a hurting chore,it was a mess.
I think I just want to garden at my house,I tried to tell her I will just tell her what to do she said no...she will kill everything and that I have to do it, Her husband will kill her if she kills one more plant*lol
...We still haven't a clue as to what that plant is.And I'm in a pickle jar...
Not sure what to charge her..she is crying poverty...Humm so am I *LOL

Catch you soon.
yes, saw the pictures...but still it looks like wire with loops to me...LOL...I am pretty sure waiting until spring is your best bet..
It could be about anything..hard to tell at that stage. I have Jo-Pie weed that looks similiar??
If it is a perennial then it is herbaceous, meaning it dies down every fall and resprouts come spring!
Other then that we will have to wait til spring to see how it grows!
I think you hit the name on the flower!
Does it come in lilac?
And how long does it bloom for?
I have Chocolate Joe Pie Weed and it blooms late Aug thru November if I keep trimming the blooms,which I did, but once this season; so I cut it down I will go look investigate *lol
(ran out to go see)
Not the same as mine at all!
....Now we need to find someone that does have it in lilac.
I saw a pic online and that can be it!

Completely different then mine.:eek::eek::confused:Wonder what makes then family members...
Something to find out *lol

POSTING are mine.
Click on the pics to enlarge!



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If it is a perennial then it is herbaceous, meaning it dies down every fall and resprouts come spring!
Other then that we will have to wait til spring to see how it grows!

Ron there are some gardeners that leave the blooms until seeded (perhaps for birds as I do) thus left with a skeleton as winter approaches.
He/she/they would know.
Knowing now will be most helpful.:D
I have many other things to figure out, just trying to focus on this issue now.

I'm in a very warm climate so Joe Pie blooms mid summer till late Fall. It now looks like your pics above with loads of seed heads. It is ..I'd call it a medium shade of purple so yes, maybe you could call it lilac. The plant dies down in winter but comes back in the spring. I've had it return about 4 years now. It grows wild here..I dug mine by the road side.
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