Why are my daisy seedlings leaning???

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Hi 👋 I'm fairly new to the whole planting process and wanted to start getting familiar with it by growing flowers and I'm starting to notice one of my seedlings are leaning more often than others. I've had this problem last week and put 1/3 of the plant stem into the soil in hopes that it would fix the problem (I've seen this done before and supposedly has promising results). It's really annoying and I want to try everything to have a healthy plant. I purchased a grow light on Monday and am keeping it at a reasonable height nothing blocking it just direct light. I'm giving it 12 hours of day light and 12 hours of darkness and water it when the soil is dry. I think I'm doing everything right I just don't know what's wrong with this particular seedling. Thank you for your time!



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Hi Hello!
You do not mention how high the grow light is from the seedlings.
The bulbs need to be close to prevent stretching and bending of the seedling's stems.
Normal distance would be 2" to 3"s above the plants, moving the bulb upwards gradually as the seedling grows and develops!

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