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Several years ago I dug a clump of Virginia Bluebells from the woods in back of my house and they have really done good. I have transplanted some of them in a couple different areas in my yard. They look so bright in a little wooded shade area along with some other wildflowers that I have.


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Bluebells are so delicate and beautiful. I keep thinking I would like to start some here, but I'm afraid it gets too hot. Yours look wonderful around the pond.
Maggie they do look good there girl. I had some years ago but we have moved a couple of times and couldn't take them. I forgot how much I missed them till I saw yours.
I love your bluebell's they look so pretty by your pond.I want a pond but I don't think my dog would stay out of it he loves water.
Beautiful bluebells. I frequently collect seeds from wild flowers while I'm out hinking. I have and abundance of depford pinks, cheeses, turtlehead, queen annes lace. Usually don't have luck with plants I try to move from their native habitat.
I love your bluebell's they look so pretty by your pond.I want a pond but I don't think my dog would stay out of it he loves water.

Heh, I would love a pond in the garden, but my lab mix can't even get a drink of water without putting one foot in the water bowl!


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love the bluebells, i would love to have the furthest part of my back yard all wild flowers, got to get it bulldozed up, maybe this summer, saving my pennies, it's grown up with alders so got to get them removed and then the land leveled. Want to cut a few pine trees that are on the edge of the woods so the birches and some hard wood trees can grow bigger.
i also want to cut down the pine trees between my brothers and my house as they shade my driveway in the winter, will have to have it done in the winter so my flower gardens don't get destroyed. want to plant some kind of shrubs beween the houses for a barrier once the pines are gone

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