Will my crepe myrtle & vitex bushs return and bloom this year?

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I am so mad at Buford (my husband):mad:. We have had some nice weather this week and he has been doing some yard work. Well today he cut 2 of my crepe myrtle bushs and 2 of my vitex bushs down:eek:. I think maybe they will come back but not sure if they will bloom this year. Do you think they will bloom this year if they do return? I'm usually outside with him when he's working in the gardens but today I had little Hannah and she was nappig at the time and I wouldn't leave her alone in the house. Oh I'm so angry:mad::mad::mad:
Oh Maggie the Vitex bush was so beautiful. I sure hope it comes back. I don't know anything about that bush, as the first time I have seen one was when you posted the picture of it in the Garden pictures thread. Boy he's lucky you are letting him in the house.
Maggie I don't know the answer either but I will keep my fingers crossed. He is in the dog house for sure. Keep us posted if it does or not this year.
I don't know about Vitex but Crepe Myrtles will come back if nothing more than new sprouts from the roots. If he cut them back hard and I assume he did, I doubt you get blooms this season.
I can relate to this..I have to keep an eye on hubby too!
Not sure about the crepe myrtle bushes, but the vitex should bounce back!
Vitex bloom on new growth.
I'm waiting to see now my vitex will do after the winter we've had. I read somewhere that they can be cut right down and they will grow from the base.
Crepe Myrtles are almost impossiable to kill...it may take a year or two but it will com eback and be wonderful once again
The Crepe Myrtles will come back they are hard to kill.I had one pulled out once and it came back from the roots that were left.
Thanks all for your answers. I really glad to hear that my crepe mytrle will come back for sure.

Ron I've had my vitex for several years now and I've never cut it back. I'm sure am glad to hear that it blooms on new growth. I've never noticed that before. The two that he cut back are the ones I raised from seed.
Your Crepe Myrtle will return but it will take a lot of work on your part if you expect it to be a tree again. What will happen is that many suckers will pop up from the trunk or roots that were left behind. I suggest you wait a few weeks after this happens and select the hardist one to groom back in to a tree. All the while removing any suckers that return. Now if you want a bush just let it go an trim to fit your area;)
Maggie, here in SW. Michigan the garden center I work at always cuts back the Vitex every year (new wood bloomer). The large one in the display bed are cut back to about 6" from the ground.


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