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5. Mix your soilless mix with water until it is sloppy and very wet.
6. Fill your hinged bottle almost up to the hinge. You will want to place your
bottle into some sort of container because it will leak out the drainage
hole in the bottom. I use an old disposable lasagna pan.
7. Write your seed name on a craft stick with permanant marker. I sprayed
some with polyurathane last year and dipped some to see if they faded
less. It seemed they all faded the same but you could still read them all
when it came time to plant them, so this year not going to the trouble.
8. Plant your seeds in the soil according to their directions and
insert your stick.


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9. Place your bottles outside in an area that will get plenty of rain and snow,
but someplace where they won't blow away. I dug out a space for them
in my dahlia bed because they will be ready to plant about the same time
I will be removing my dahlias from the garage to plant.


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Great directions Smelly. Makes me want to plant something. But I'm on break from school and lots of time but won't be when I get back in classes. I'm going to pass this year. I have enough to maintain untill I get out of school. Then watch out I'll be planting again.


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Lyn, if you can just get them planted and put outside, they are maintenance free until you go to plant them in the spring. I always started mine in the house with grow lights, but after last year, I will never start them inside again. The ones I did outside in the bottles were so much healthier and you don't have to weather them off like the ones you start inside. If you just try a will be!!

I guess my teachers were should never say never.....I will start some cannas in the house because they can't be wintersown.


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I was going to sow some veggies last weekend but never got to it. Now we are having rain and I wish I had. I did transplant some volunteers from the compost I hope they make it. I have beautiful volunteer toms in the compost with tons of flowers and even one fruit.


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Wow Nancy.....we have snow on the ground and you are growing tomatoes. I wish I had a longer growing season but would never want to give up my snow!!


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Winter solstice made me remember something from the Old Farmer's Almanac. Planting according to moon phase. Above ground plants during new moon and underground ones during the full moon.

And thanks for the info about the heating vent. I'm not going to put anything there now.

We plant our garden by the farmers almanac. Look at the date and go with the sign of each day and that is when we plant seed, dig potatoes etc. Based on the sign of the zodiac.


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more more more

I planted 26 more containers tonight. I am now up to 93 containers
Today I planted:
Siberian Iris Yellow
Gaillardia Commotion Frenzy
Delphinium Pacific Giant Mix
Delphinium Pacific Giant Summer Skies
Foxglove Lavender
Foxglove Purple
Foxglove mix
Foxglove White
Foxglove Yellow
Lupine mix
and Large Pink Hibiscus

Has anybody else started their wintersowing?


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guess i should be doing some if it's as cold there as it is here
will get some bottles together this week and maybe do some next week


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I'm going to try again as now I live where there is a "real" winter. I got my seed order this past week and I've been stashing pop bottles now I need to find some soil-less seed mix.

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Dora, I had to go to Lowe's to get the last bag....Walmart still had their Christmas crap in the garden!! Come on its been weeks since Christmas....give me back the garden center!!
I planted 26 more bottles today, I think that puts me up to 119. Today I planted:
White Balloon Flower
Baptisia Wild Indigo
Orange Blackberry Lily
Purple Blackberry Lily
Orange Butterfly Weed
Campanula Canterbury Bells
Roman Chamomile
Chelone Hot Lips
Yellow Chrysanthemum
Coreopisis Double Yellow
Coreopsis Red Plains
Coreopsis Limerock Ruby
Delphinium Guardian Lavender

I am so excited to see what everybody else plants!!


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I did that last year, Debe and you have a choice of tomatoes or flowers. They do send a nice variety of either for postage and an extra or two. Well worth looking into.


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LOL...I sent for the tomato six pack and also the winter sowing six pack...I guess I was being greedy...well I amsure they will let me know...silly me...


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I got my tomatoes back from wintersown and also my daughter got her's too. We got a great variety. I will only have to buy a few more I want. I would really like to be able to sell some this summer if mine do as well as I want them to. I have been reading a lot about how to get a bumper crop. Wish me luck.


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I know last year they had an abundance of seeds and were begging people to take them so I am sure you are okay for wanting both, Debe' :) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to