Wisteria blooming

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after 3 years my wisteria is starting to bloom, not a lot of flowers, I hope next year it will do better, its not really bad seeing it was a cutting 3 years ago

It's lovely GB. I am sure it will put out more blooms each year from now on. My sister has a few of them and they get better every year. TFS
I'm still waiting for mine to bloom, dug it up from my grammie's house about 5 hrs ago. It has grown lots but no blooms yet. It has not leaved out yet here
How beautiful GB...I just started five seeds last month, that I brought with us from mine in Sacramento...I know I am looking at 5 to 7 years before I get to see a bloom...but am having fun...thank for sharing your blooms
We started to train a wisteria in a tree form in Ontario, I knew that it was a work in progress and expected it to take at least 5 years for it to bloom. I am sure that the new owners of our house are wondering what the heck is going on, and why would we plant a wisteria in a bed, instead of on a trellis. I hope to be able to visit the old yard when we are back in the area this fall. Maybe I can actually talk with the new owners and walk around the yard with them. Gosh I miss that yard and thinking of all of the hard work we put into it....when we were trying to sell it we had a CD of the yard running on the TV.
Huh. And here I am doing everything I can to kill the wisteria that keeps creeping back in the tree-y back section of my yard.

Yes, I know, it smells divine and is beautiful, but I prefer to admire it in someone else's yard.
There's an old farm down the street from here that has a couple trained in tree form. They're not very tall. Probably only about 5 or 6 feet, but the trunks are probably about 6 - 8 inches through. They're on either side of the house, but out in the yard where they can't climb on anything. They look like wide lavender willows when they're in bloom. Gorgeous.
How pretty, GardenBear. I love them in bloom! My husband and I were way out in the country several weeks ago and came across an old country home with a pergola across the front. The wisteria was in full bloom and breathtaking. The trunk/vines were huge so this had to have been there for quite some time. We drove past it several times really slow just looking at the massive size. I was sick because I didn't have my camera with me.
Gorgeous! I am currently growing some around my gazebo. I planted it 3 years ago too but then the dog kinda dug it up a lil! Since then it has grown almost all the way across the gazebo and I can't wait for it to bloom! One of my favs! :)

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