Wolfie's Chicken Tetrazzinni

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New Member
don't know if it is actually a tetrazzinni
but I needed to call it something

the lunch ladies at my grade school used to make something like this

now I don't actually measure it is more of a "throw together"

in an 8X8 pyrex dish

add around a cup of large elbow macaroni (somewheres between a cup and two cups. For me 2 cups is too much and one cup is not enough)

a can of cream of chicken soup (if you like cream of mushroom I recken you could add that instead, I don't like cream of mushroom)

a small can of chunk chicken which ever you like( I like darkmeat in water myself)

shredded cheddar cheese again no measurement,,just what looks good
I like mine cheesy

some pepper (you definitly DO NOT want to add salt)

mix until evenly distributed

sprinkle bread crumbs on the top

throw into a 350º oven and bake..until it looks good
( I think it's 45min-1 hour but not sure
I just know what it's supposed to look like) :D

makes about 4 servings

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