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Kya D

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Almost all of the 150 iris I planted are greening up and looking wonderful. I can't believe I was given so many iris (75) after I ordered from zebra gardens (highly recommed them), russ n nancy iris do not recommed them), and uncle Harlen (this was the last year he will sell iris) also the ones Jimmy the mailman brought me.. He promised more when he gets time....I am just so thrilled with how well the plants are growing
I also have some mini purple iris that are just growing great guns.
Kya can't wait to see all of them in bloom.I hope the few I planted bloom for me.I went by the direction's on the package so crossing my finger's.:)

I am addicted to irises! I want some more but since I don't have a j-o-b...:(

I am lokoing for different colors tho I don't really car for purple but I do have one just because purple is BF's favorite color and he wanted to know why I didn't have any purple flowers??? so I bought a purple iris...big whinner...
just to shut him up
a friend who live sin Georgia sent me a white one..but don't know yet if it lived....:eek:

Kya I think we might need to do some tradin this year LOL :D
My Iris are just setting the buds in the base. It should be a couple of weeks and they willbe in full bloom. I will have to take a picture it looks like a sea of purple!
I only have three Iris - and they are newly planted this past fall. 2 Siberian and 1 Japanese Iris. They are almost 3" tall right now. I hope to see them flower!
I have some irisis(sp) that I transplantted to a different bed a couple of years ago and they bloomed beautifully the year I transplantted them. I was surprised because did it in the Spring and didn't fertilize or anything. Last year, they bloomed but not as great. I bought some bone meal fertilizer because I read that's good for them but I have no idea how to apply it. The directions on the package appear to be for newly planted iris as it recommends applying the fertilizer 2 inches below the rhizome or something like that. Can I just put it around the plants or should I work it into the soil? How do I do it without hurting the plants??

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