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This is Pauls golden shower climber,its had a hard time flowing in the past years but this year its doing great,it came from HD and was on sale at the end of the season 3 years ago and it was only 3.99, it should bloom all summer




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Those are beautiful flowers you've grown. Of course, you've tended to them for 3 straight years, so it's no surprise. How do you go about taking care of them? I'm guessing it must have been a ton of hard work. Absolutely lovely flowers -- congrats on how well they've developed!


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well to tell the truth I don't really fuss with it or any of the other roses, I give them epsom salt in the spring when there just starting to grow and then again some time mid summer, the yellow one grows along side of the drive way, were its hot all summer and its covered with snow in the winter, it get lots of water because the ground dry out so fast its mostly sand with lots of bone meal and some old potting mix tossed in.I think its very happy where its at. when ever I plant a rose or any other plant I always add a little bone meal


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beautiful bear
i love roses but the deer love them too so have given
up on them, i think i have one left but they taste it


These are beautiful flowers, you have grown up. Of course, you tend to them for 3 years, it is not surprising. How do you take care of them about? I guess it must be a ton of hard work. Absolutely lovely flowers - Congratulations how good they have developed! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to