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Kya D

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I could NOT believe it when a friend called me and told me that Her uncle had come out for a visit and had brought with him hundreds of named iris.
I had ordered from him earlier this year and he sent me the most beautiful iris ever.
I went over to her house and came home with 60 iris rhizomes
What a wonderful day Now I am going out to plant these beauties.
Wow Dawn! How great for you. I got lucky a neighbor has given me about 40 daylilies! I have them planted everywhere. Next year I hope I will have some to share.
Coco, You KNOW I LOVE you girl, don't ya????.....HEHEHE:DKeep me in mind two years from now.....HEHEHE:) Seriously, though You LUCKY girl!!!!! Now why don't I know people like that....LOL!!!???
I am so happy for you!

Here you go for your pleasure.

Pretty Iris’

Iris’ can be found all over town

take a walk, look around

Just place in soil

without any toil

Take a sniff, then scratch your nose

the thrill will go

right to your toes

They stand so upright you will see

why some scents just had to be

The colors are a sight to behold

with variations, new and old

So take a stroll in the afternoon

and you will understand real soon

why Iris’ are planted all over town

©MAS 9.09

HMMMM??? Looks like I have competition in the poetry!!! Good going though Dawn!!! Beautifully stated.!! Thanks for sharing!!
You are welcomed.
Kya,...:D I saw this post and thought humm.. you may like it :D I had written it a day or so earlier then I saw this post. :) worked out perfectly.

Fantasygal1..I'm guessing you thought it was cute..Thank -you.
I'm just havin' fun..

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