Zebra iris

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Kya D

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Has anyone ever ordered from zebra iris.:confused::confused:
Almost everything they sell is broken color iris with adorable names.
I have an order ready to mail. Just wondering if anyone knows how there plants are.:D:)
Thanks Blue I am glad to hear that.
I really love the looks of the iris and He has answered every email I have sent.
awesome irises
i have one that is blue and white striped, will have to check the site to find thename of it or ask my sil as im sure she knows the name of it
my bearded ones are blooming now
That does look like it. I'll get a pic tomorrow of it. I went to an iris auction a few yrs ago and bought alot for $1 each but lost most of them as they all rotted so starting over little by little. my sil gave me some to plant last week, got to get them in theground
she got tired ofthem as they didn't bloom this yr so she dug alot of them up
OMGosh more iris. I'm sorry that you lost so many of your dollar iris. They sure do hate being too wet, don't they
i got like 50 different ones and lost all but 5 of them, have had some friends send me some and my sil and mom have given me some
the auction was one of the ones that the maine iris society have, they had it in my town that yr so my sil and i went, it was 7 yrs ago as i just remembered my nephew was just a baby and he was 7 in dec.
at the end of the auction, they put all the left over ones on the table and they are all a dollar. some were selling for 50-90 each during the auction but most of the expensive somes were sold during the auction
it was a deal getting them for a dollar each, no matter what they were as long as each one was a different color
i have a clump of pink that has 7 stems on it, first one bloomed today
also have a rootbeer one and some old fashioned ones
will have to post a pic of another one that i have that i don't know the name of
i also have some minature ones, some dwarf ones too
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I am collecting iris lately. I really like em and I have friends that send me named iris or NOID iris.
It doesn't matter cuz I like em all. My little mailman has a bunch of iris that his daughter bought and planted in his yard. He has been digging me a few every once in a while. His name is Jimmy and he is just the sweetest little guy.
My dad had beautiful irises of all colors. He would have gone nuts over some of those. I like the humor on the site, too. That's fun!
How cute is this??
The other day I got a postcard from Zebra iris that said...
Hi Dawn
Thank you for your nice order for some of our zebra kidz. We will be dying to let more of the kidz jump into your order and go to a "gnu" home in western Utah
Kathie and Brad

I thought a handwritten postcard was so cute and sweet.
I can't wait to get these KIDZ for my garden
They just seem like the sweetest people. I will let you know how they look when they get here

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