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Hi everyone!
My husband and I bought our first home last August so this spring I finally have my very own flower garden! I am completely new to gardening other than helping plant some flowers at my mom's over the years. I have found that I really enjoy's such a feeling of accomplishment and excitement to see what will become of it over the months.

What I've planted so far and how they're doing:
Impatients - Looking good:)
Marigolds - Looking pitiful:(
Tulips - deadheaded :rolleyes:
Daffodils - deadheaded :rolleyes:
Asiatic Lily - Halfway through blooming :D
Braided Hibiscus Tree - Beginning to bloom :)
Lollipop Gerbera Daisy - 1 fading bloom and a 2nd seems to not want to bloom :mad:
Victorian Blue Sage - Blooming :)
Hydrangea - Looking awesome :D
Sweet Potato Vine - Growing a bit slow and is being eaten by something ? :confused:
Sunflare Tree Rose - transplant shock....recovering :(
Bougainvillea - Looking lovely :)
Red Salvia - Just transplanted today :D
Salvia Snow Hill - Just transplanted today :D

Look forward to learning more and getting to know some experienced gardeners!
Welcome Amber It is so nice to have you here with us. I hope you really enjoy it.
It sounds like you have a nice start on your garden. If you have any questions just ask cuz someone here will be able to answer bout anything.
Welcome to our forum Amber!
You will more then likely have lots of questions, so feel free to ask!
There is a lot of information on our forum, so it looks like you will have a lot of reading to do!
Welcome Amber. Sounds like you're doing good with your garden. Daffs and Tulips don't last very long, maybe they're done for this season. Marigolds are hardee and will probably make it as long as they have good moisture. Enjoy the forums and keep us updated on your progress.
Welcome Amber. Glad you joined us. Would love to see pics of your yard. Such fun starting new gardens. I've been in my house for 11 yrs and I'm still working on my gardens. I'm always adding flowers here and there in the yard. Lots of them I've split up and moved around the yard., Sure saves $
Hope to see you around the forum and jump right in and get your hands dirty. Lots of knowledge on here so ask any questions that you might have and someone will come along and answer them for you.
Again welcome
Welcome Amber glad to meet a new gardening friend.Glad you joined our GF family.:)


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Alittle behind here but hey,better late then never -- right??? :p
Welcome aboard,by the looks of things around the board - your well on your way,enjoy your visits!! :p is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to