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  1. Alan in Vermont

    Working the soil with "Heavy Equipment"

    Bringing this thread back to life Today I finished plowing the smaller of my two plots. This is the one I mentioned earlier, the one with the good black soil. The good WET black soil after record rains. It's not wet enough to be muddy, just sticky. Plowed it with my JD 332 (16 hp diesel)...
  2. Alan in Vermont

    How old is Grandma

    Kya, I've been lurking in the shadows but not posting much.
  3. Alan in Vermont

    How old is Grandma

    The one I caught , besides television, was penicillin. The wonder drug was discovered in 1928 and was mass produced by June, 1944.
  4. Alan in Vermont

    What's happening to my Tomato plants?

    Knock 'em on the ground, they usually roll into a tight little circle. Insert firecracker into center of circle. Light fuse, step back and wait for BANG. No more issues with THAT worm.
  5. Alan in Vermont

    Anyone file their seeds?

    Quite a few of the giant pumpkin growers advocate filing the seeds. I'm going to try it on the couple packs of proven big pumpkin seed I've got coming. At over $1 a seed I want to give the little buggers every chance. That's not much money for giant pumpkin seed, some of which sells for...
  6. Alan in Vermont

    animals I saw at work

    That's nothing compared to some of the animals I used to work with. :)
  7. Alan in Vermont

    Organic Matter

    I've heard about using vinegar but never tried it. How long does an application keep the crap growth down? I know there are industrial vinegars that are a higher percentage of acid but can't find any supplier within reasonable distance. Here I am, 15 miles from the biggest city in this...
  8. Alan in Vermont

    Organic Matter

    This area has two primary soil types, either light sand or a heavy, almost clay loam. The result is either too dry, or too wet, sometimes in the same field. I know it is said that you can't "make" topsoil but in four seasons I did a lot to get that sand to show some color and retain...
  9. Alan in Vermont

    Organic Matter

    Crabber, how big is that vacant lot and what would you be mowing with? I think if it was let grow 3-4 feet high and cut with a sickle mower or scythe, if the patch was small enough, it would yield a bunch of material similar to coarse straw. Becase it grows so fast I think it could convert a...
  10. Alan in Vermont

    Organic Matter

    Ask and ye shall receive. This link will explain a lot about the Sudex hybrid as a cover crop. The seed may be hard to find in small (under 50 lb)quantities. It would be found at ag supply vendors. I may play with it as a quick growing weed...
  11. Alan in Vermont

    Organic Matter

    Crabber, I wish we had growing season enough to do plantings like you do. Our last frost date is around May 20 and you better plan on everything getting zapped by the third week in September. In real extreme years we have had frost as late as Memorial Day and as early as Labor day. Soil...
  12. Alan in Vermont

    Organic Matter

    I keep a small compost pile going through the summer. It gets grass clippings, chickem manure with a lot of softwood shavings and the scrap from veggies. The resulting "stuff" will go in the bottom of the holes where I plant my squash. In the past I've tried several ways to get rid of...
  13. Alan in Vermont

    Homemade and STURDY Tomato Cages

    Thank you for your "contribution" to the thread, not sure what relevance it is but you tried.
  14. Alan in Vermont

    Pumpkins & Broomcorn

    Two success stories out of a dismal gardening year. A decent pumpkin crop with one outstanding specimen and the makings of a witches broom for Elisha. The pumpkin measures 34" across and 24" high, some of the broomcorn hits the 14' mark.
  15. Alan in Vermont

    My garden 2010

    Things are just a bit gloomy here this fall, garden season is winding down, and not one second too soon. My normal goals are to have all we want or can pass on to non-gardening friends and enough to sell to pay for next years' seed and fertilizer. This year has been just about a bust... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to