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    What’s your favorite vegetable to plant?

    Okay not the best picture LOL but, you have to realize that I just interval ran 4 miles. I've been watching this tomato, and was so afraid that either the birds or the blister beetles were going to get it so I cut it early this morning. It fills up but both of my hands and it probably weighs 2 lb
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    What’s your favorite vegetable to plant?

    OMG! My thoughts exactly
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    What’s your favorite vegetable to plant?

    While i love tomatoes, but look at these peppers i just picked! Along with wax and green beans, cucumbers, and minorican tomatoes. I have been pickling and canning every day since last Sunday too. But I've given most of them away.
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    What's the weather in your area? 2021 Edition

    Beautiful and steamy. Wonderful Florida 93° Dry, dry dry. Did i say we need rain?
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    Drone Disguised as Hummingbird Captures Incredible Footage of Monarch Butterfly Swarm

    Have you seen the PBS show, "Spy in the wild"? They disguised drones as all types of animals and infiltrate their habitats. So cool, just like this video
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    New feature - "Featured Discussions"

    That's cool. I like it
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    What's the weather in your area? 2021 Edition

    Has been absolutely beautiful. Lows in the 60s highs running high 80s low 90s with compass rose winds. TS Arthur passing off the coast has thrown a few come and go showers , sprinkled with sunshine.
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    Morning Chores

    Morning Chores is a daily digital farm and garden news letter with some helpful hints and tips. This article on recycled gardening ideas seem appropriate.
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    What's the gas prices in your area? 2020 Edition

    St. Augustine has $1.35 a gallon , but 20 miles inland is $1.77 a gallon. Overall, Florida is averaging $1.70 a gallon
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    What's the weather in your area? 2021 Edition

    We started out unusually cool at 46° this morning but jumped up around 80. High pressure gave us brilliant blue cloudless skies.
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    What herbs will you be growing in 2020?

    Cilantro is a given for me. It reseed itself.....everywhere, and I love it, smells great. I also have oregano , thyme, basil and variety of mints and lemon grass. I love rosemary, but don't have any luck growing it.
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    Daffy and other pretties

    I'm so jealous. Daffs and tulips are my favorites and they just can't grow here in our heat. Thanks for sharing your beauties
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    Nicely Detailed Raised Bed and Trellis.

    I am somewhat embarrassed to post this picture because I have not been as attentive to this bed as I should be It is in a remote part of the property, and tends to be one of those things that just comes last. None the less, this is a raised bed Tim built for me about 5 years ago when I was in a...
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    Living fences

    Thank you Lyn. Those ginger, came from an old homestead in the 50s in St. Augustine. My mom dug a clump and took home. When I got my first house, I dug some of hers. Each time we have moved i have taken a clump with me. These particular ones, have been here 22 years. I am currently digging... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to