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    waters in our park

    tis winter time the ducks and our waterfalls are beautiful this time of
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    Gone but not forgotten

    It sure is tough I know as our sht zu we had to put down 6 years ago was a rough one he had bladder trouble he was 13 and adorable He gave hugs to everyone Just before he went in to get put down he gave us a hug.I feel for you as they are our family
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    Santa's Helper

    Christmas sure is a nice time of the year Those pictures are adorable ! Santa even comes to our pets
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    We sure had lots of snow so far Winter isnt even here yet! I think this winter is going to be a long one Homer loves it though I like them all The last one is my favourite caught him just at the right moment
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    more of gracie

    Homer's little she named her gracie after her grandma.She is so sweet.I can tell she is well lovedby my friend. Puppies will play with anything.
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    homer little one

    my dogs these are the dogs we had before they were adorable too My dog liked to steal gloves too Bill's dog was a shoulder dog.
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    homer little one

    type Well she and Homer are jack sht-zus a rare breed but adorable we got Homer from the horse and buggie people The father was selling puppies for his son to have some spending money.We got Homer for 150 dollars. The boy was quite happy.When I got together with my hubby I had a pure white...
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    homer little one

    homer thank you so much.
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    birds and tree rats

    I know they are my hubby used to live trap them and take them to the forest they would come back though at least I thought they were the same one's but hard to tell there is lots out there and they fun to watch too I am going to get some peanuts for them and another feeder.for rhe the jays as...
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    homer little one

    Gracie is very happy with her new family My friends sister is holding her and loving her and her nephew loves her too.I am very glad that my friend sent me some pictures.I am so happy that I let her have her it makes feel good to see my friend very happy.Homer as a puppy looks like her He is on...
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    I know I enjoy helping people especially friends that I have know for along time.She will always remember my hubby too as Homer was her dad.and she knew him quite well.
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    birds and tree rats

    I know it is mean but someone where I got my haircut They came and got the hair after the people were done They had a hate on for them I guess if you put human hair out for them they choke on it.I don't like them either as there is lots of acorns trees in our yard they seem to love the...
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    birds and tree rats

    they are hungry this time of year I share with them all
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    Homer's girl was home with us for a day as my friend from Bill's and hometown saw hoe cute she was She was telling that she wished she had a pet that small to company at night as she is alone and she had a mild stoke about 10 years she was 40 she had it I thought about and then my brother and...
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    homer Randy ! don't you like dogs or something .Maybe I took it the wrong way. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to