homer little one

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Gracie is very happy with her new family My friends sister is holding her and loving her and her nephew loves her too.I am very glad that my friend sent me some pictures.I am so happy that I let her have her it makes feel good to see my friend very happy.Homer as a puppy looks like her He is on the couch when he was that little.


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Well she and Homer are jack sht-zus a rare breed but adorable we got Homer from the horse and buggie people The father was selling puppies for his son to have some spending money.We got Homer for 150 dollars. The boy was quite happy.When I got together with my hubby I had a pure white sht-zu and he had a jack russell.My dog passed first of bladder problems he was so sweet he used to give hugs The day that we had to have him put down he gave us both hugs before the vet took him It was a really sad day for us I guess dogs have their own personalities This happened about 6 years ago His dog liked to dig his jack russell He passed digging he would dig all day long we had a spot for him so that he could dig . Anyhow I love my Homer and he sure made cute puppies He has personality like a jack especially walking him. I guess y ou can call them jack shits (lol)
my dogs

these are the dogs we had before they were adorable too My dog liked to steal gloves too Bill's dog was a shoulder dog.


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Hi rosy, they are cuties. I believe that to be true about animals having their own personalities. We have two German Shepherds. One female the other male. The male is a young pup yet, and he is very lovable unlike the female. He doesn't give hugs like your late friend, that would be something, having your pet give you a hug. Like the quote being said a different way..."have you hugged your owner today?"

Take care rosy and thank you for sharing your friends and pictures.

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