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I have a few extras of these coming up this year - let me know if you would like to swap for some -

'Wood's Purple' Aster (spreads well)

'Oriental Limelight' Artemsia (spreads fast)

Korean BellflowerCampanula takesimana (spreads fast)

Bergamot 'Jacob Cline' (spreads well)

Always looking for phlox, clematis, sedums (no yellow), dwarf daylillies, - just ask, if I don't have it, I might just need it! LOL!

Koren Bellflower is top pics
then purple aster, limelight growing behind peony & red bergamot



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Dizzy what is the plant on the bottom middle photo? It's very uniquely

Kya D

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Ms Dizzy I have several (unnamed) sedums I would to trade for limelights Artemesia
PM me if you want to trade
TTFN girl


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Dang! That was quick! Esp as the ones I sent to Dawn (almost next door in UT) took FIVE days to get to her!
Glad they made it & hope they all do well for you Nancy!

Kya D

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Even though they took a while to get here... everything is doing wonderfully.
Thanks again Dizzy. You are the best


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Hey Nancy! I got a nice box just packed FULL of various sedums!!!! :D Wow! You sure shared the bounty with me! Everything was in great shape! Thank you! TY! TY!


Dizzy I love the color of those geraniums, very pretty, would they be a perennial here in zone 5 or would I have to dig them?


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Cyndi, I would love for you to have some of them! LOL!!!
For trade? Let's see..... I'm starting on hens & chicks, any phlox- heck I'm pretty easy to please. ;) You know the kinds of plant pics I post.

PM me your addy & I'll get a nice batch on its way to you. :)


Dizzy, I would love some of those geraniums them.. WHat can I send you for trade, here's my list or I can refund postage to you..
11- white moon vine
1- Hendersons lima bean
3-shasta daisy
2- purple swirl datura
1- agave
3- cantalope
1-small wave petunia
2-baby’s breath
2- basil
2- acorn squash
2 zucchini
3- sweet William
1-Wild grapes
3- large red cherry tomato
also have 3- peacock orchid bulbs these you would have to dig, i dig mine..


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I've got lots of green and red Japanese Maple seedlings. Woud you care to trade for some aster?

Thank you, but I really don't have room for them. I'd be happy to send you a bunch of the asters just for the postage though. :) If you're interested in those or any of the others, just send me a PM with your address & info.

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