A few Perennials from this year

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Here are a few perennials from this past year/fall


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And a couple more perennials, a rose, a glad, and some cut flowers from my gardens.


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Kale...I promise you some of those names and details you so love as soon as I can get back on the computer...the coneflower is one of my favorite...Coconut Lime
Annette...sorry I am not doing any trades.

Kale the first picture in the first post is Jupiter's Beard. It likes sun to partial shade...I have it in morning sun. It grows about two feet and has fragrant red blooms. It looked very pretty in my cut bouquets...smelled yummy also.

The second picture is Blackberry Lily that I WS. They did not bloom the first year, but bloomed like crazy this year and produced alot of seed. I also WS some last year that did not bloom this year...just got the iris like leaves. I am hoping when it blooms this year it will be purple as the seeds said purple. They were about 1 1/2 ft tall. The flowers themselves were about the size of a quarter but there were many growing on each plant. I have mine growing in morning sun.

Third picture is Coreopsis Limerock Ruby. It is a WS and it bloomed the first year. It was rather short...my notes say it is suppose to grow 18-24" but mine did not get that big...hoping it will be big and strong this year. I have it growing in full sun.

Fourth picture is the Coconut Lime Echinacea. I collected seeds from it the first year it bloomed and none of them germinated. I collected a few seeds this year and am going to give it another try. I do have alot of different Echinacea and I am wondering what I will get. I have it growing in full sun. It is small and compact compared to my other echinacea and it hasn't made any volunteers (darn it) like the others.

Fifth picture is Helenium. I have it growing in full sun. It is about three ft tall and has lots of sunshining happy flower heads
First picture in second post is Bright Eyes Phlox. My son got me a bareroot of it for my birthday a few years ago and I hold my breath every year waiting for it to come up. I was so pleased with the bright eyes that I bought some bareroot red and orange phlox. They came up and bloomed that first year and have been MIA since. I will be so sad if this one goes MIA. I have also planted a few other kinds of tall phlox from seed. They all smell so good!! I have them all growing in full sun. This Bright Eyes is alot more compact and sturdy...its like its been lifting weights compared to the taller leggier phlox.

Second is White Obedient Plant. I also have pink but guess what...no picture...I promise to do better this year...its always my resolution but never happens...sorry. I have this growing in full sun. Grows about 3 ft tall

Third is Tiffany....Yummy pink with a hint of yellow. Doesn't have very much fragrance, but its still very pretty to look at.

Fourth is a glad from a package of mixed...have no idea of its name.

Fifth is a picture of some of the bouquets I took into the office. I love supplying all my friends with fresh cut flowers. We also held a retirement party for one of my friends and I got to do all the flowers. I was shocked as to how many flowers I actually had.
Hi Mel
I grew some Coreopsis Limerock Ruby and just love it, mine like yours only got about 6 to 8 inches tall. I broadcast some seed and it grew with the rest. I wasn't sure what it was.
I just noticed that I also grew some dwarf red plains coreopsis....I wonder if this is what this is and not the limerock ruby...they look very similar...hmmmmmmmm
Oh Mel I think you are right mine was a dwarf red plains coreopsis.
They do look alot alike.
I did a little googling and found that the two are very similar...the red plains is an annual and the limerock ruby is a perennial. I wonder it the red plains will reseed itself...guess I need to go back and google some more. :)
Love the 'Tiffany'--any info. about where to get it? How tall? What type? (floribunda, hybrid tea?). I really like it a lot!

It is a hybrid tea. I think it is fairly common...I got mine at Menards...I think I also saw them at Lowes. Its really pretty just wish it had more fragrance. Hence my name...I love smelly flowers...lol!
Well doesn't everybody love smelly flowers? LOL!! One of my former coworkers gave me that name due to using Gardenia bath products. First thing every morning he would come to my office and inhale and smile. Does anyone know of a Dahlia that is smelly? They are so pretty...if only they were smelly :)

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