A Few Seeds To Trade

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The number beside the seeds are how many trade I have

Here are some seeds I have for trade

sunflower mix some of these are big flowers--as many as u
gerber daisy
Palm Tree seeds as many as u want

This is what Seeds I would Love to have.

Peter Pepper Seeds((really want))
Foxtail Lily
Jack In The Pulpit
Calla Lily
I would love some sunflower seeds. I have a couple different kinds of Moonflower Vine seeds--one has small lavender flowers, one has the larger lavender flowers (but waiting for the seeds right now) and one has large white flowers. These are NOT the bush kind, they are vines. Also will have heirloom tomato seeds before too much longer. Plan to harvest seeds before I just gobble the fruits!! lol Have Cardinal Vine seeds and Cypress Vine--both have the little red flowers hummingbirds ADORE!! Will have Balloon Vine (Heartseed) soon--has flowers right now (insignificant little white flowers followed by balloons with the heartseeds inside). PM if you are interested in a swap/what you would like if we do swap. Thanks!! Bonnie/Fidelslady
Fidelslady I sent you an PM.. I don't know how to change my trade list can someone help me.

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