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While I have searched around the site to find certain rules, I can't seem to find this one posted. But .. as we all know if we are or have been a member on any gardening forum, usually this rule is common knowledge.
Discussion of religion and politics are prohibited.
The reason being ...we all have personal choices and those should remain as such. To discuss these personal choices would bring disruption to our friendly gardening site and this will not be tolerated by Gardenforums. To ask a member about their religion and/or politicial preference is considered as discussion.
We do have a Prayer thread and so it is understood, this thread is just for that... not to discuss religion but to ask for prayers and not to specify which religion we prefer to do this but the coming together of all religions to support a member in a time of distress.
Please extend this common courtesy while using the forums.
Gloria there are many religious and political forums in cyber space so if a person feels the need to discuss their preference on either subject there are very many places to satisfy that need. The focus of this site is gardening and bringing together friendly Gardeners who wish to share their gardening experience and receive gardening advice with friendship and respect.
I am glad we have mentioned this. Wouldn't want to offend any member for any reason. We are a gardening group that comes together to discuss gardening. We are also a caring group here at GF and we have a chat area and prayer needs forums to help our members bond together. Politics and religious beliefs doesn't fall into any of the forums here and I like it that way.
I liken our situation here to being a guest in Mr. Bob's home. And as a guest, I need to conduct myself appropriately which includes hospitality to Mr. Bob's other guests. I think our "household" here does a pretty good job.
I liken our situation here to being a guest in Mr. Bob's home. And as a guest, I need to conduct myself appropriately which includes hospitality to Mr. Bob's other guests. I think our "household" here does a pretty good job.

Randy you hit the nail on the head!!!!;)
Very well put Randy. And like in most cases guest who do not abide by the rules can be asked to leave or in this case ejected from the forum;)
Well said everyone!
I agree, sometimes very personal views make people mighty uncomfortable. We had a dinner party here one night and they started talking religion. I am comfortable in my own skin and my own beliefs, but I was the only one on my page. I had to put them in "time out". They had me so worked up that I didn't get to sleep for hours after they left. Being the only American present I switched the conversation to politics because they had nothing to say, hehe.
Good point - well put and a gentle reminder never hurts! Thanks all for making this a comfortable place to spend time with other gardeners
Jules I want you to post some info of things you did and saw while here in SC. Inquring minds want to know.
Thanks for the reminder Gloria, religious and political discussions could somtimes lead to major uncomfortable arguments.
@jade cool strategy...lol
I'd like to bring this thread back up and ask members to please read it. In addition.. there's a few things that came to our attention lately that the staff could not allow to continue for the sake of keeping this a friendly, family oriented, gardening forum. Please..if you must air dirt laundry or give details of un-lawful activities, etc.. do it in a site that is created for such! We ask that you have respect for fellow members and if you have a problem with someone, bring it to the attention of one of our moderators by private message. We, the staff of GF, appreciate each of our members and try to keep the site a friendly, warm and inviting place to communicate and get acquianted with other gardeners. Thank you for your cooperation.
I liken our situation here to being a guest in Mr. Bob's home. And as a guest, I need to conduct myself appropriately which includes hospitality to Mr. Bob's other guests. I think our "household" here does a pretty good job.
who is Bob? And I really agree, I am brand new here and came here for friendly People who like to garden and grow and Love plants. Didn't really come here to, or did I even think this site to be religious or political....and even....no offense, cause I am super spiritual, but prayer??? I came here to share experiences of my gardening, learn and keep an open mind to suggestions and what works for you. About PLANTS, bottom line. I love life; and a plant is one of the purest forms of Life. Grow on! :p
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Hi Greenthumbs and welcome to GF . We are a friendly Gardening site and enjoy welcoming new friends.
Bob is the owner of this site and alot of our members have been on other gardening sites that didn't fit right for 1 reason or the other. Bob opened this site so we could all join together and meet other gardeners in a more comfortable venue . We come from all different backgrounds and shared a lov of gardening which was the binding thread . That thread has turned into strong friendships for many of us and we are supportive of each other. We do turn to our friends here when we are facing issues, as we do turn to all our friends for support and comfort. Our religious beliefs are varied and most find the prayer thread as a place to let our GF friends know of the issues that are present in our lives and a place to ask for prayer or positive energy to be sent our way while we are facing these issues. We also find that this area does develop a strong bond between us as friends .
I hope you enjoy your time with us and I look forward to seeing you around the threads.
> who is Bob?

The guy who owns the place, and pays a couple hundred bucks a month to keep it going. He's a nice enough guy, but he does have some rules, and while some are negotiable, others are not.

> ....and even....no offense, cause I am super spiritual, but prayer???

The religion and politics ban are intended to keep arguments from occuring. There are always folks on both sides of the issue, and it's a good way to divide the group into factions.

The prayer thread was considered carefully when we started, and is allowed with some restrictions. You'll notice that they simply say "prayer requests", and do not specify what religion or belief that may be. In the US, since many (including me) are Christians, they tend to assume that means praying to their vision of God. It could, but it could just as easily mean praying to some other Deity for a person of a different belief.

It is, very intentionally, non-denominational. Anyone can participate, all religious beliefs, and even those who don't believe in any higher power can send "helpful and healing thoughts" or whatever they choose to do in that type of a situation.

Since the thread includes everyone, and there is no debating or arguing over who's beliefs are correct, it's OK. If you should happen to choose not to participate, it's very easy to tell which discussion it is, and simply don't read it.
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Oh, I forgot to mention... He's also the guy that will kick you out after you post something like:

I am really offended by you idiots that are clueless.

Disagreeing with other members is fine. Calling them clueless idiots? Not so much...

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