a place for pictures?

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Hubs and I decorate a room in a very historical Victorian Mansion in Mt Holly NJ. Many groups- garden clubs, historical clubs, womens clubs and individuals decorate this grand dame of a house museum. They then give christmas tours, tea's and other events during the month of december.

I'd love to show you pics,,, we always have grand times during decorting week, with all my other friends from other clubs-- It;s like Ole home week. We help each other, loan out tools, decorations etc.
I even got a great pic of some ghosts-- if you believe in that.

That link you posted goes to a page that's nothing but spam and pay per click ads...

I'm guessing that wasn't the link you had in mind?
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Brazzi I started a thread to post our Christmas decorations, no one has posted there yet, if you want post the pics I wouls love to see them

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