A small hello from Ohio!

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Just thought I'd say Hi to everyone! ( still getting myself adjusted to the place ) :D
I think I know you form another site. Glad to see you here., Jump right in and make yourself at home. If you need help with anything, please let one of us know.
Hey Phil I was going to invite you here today but for some reason I lost my connection then couldn't get back on to PM you. Still can't get on tonight. Odd. You are going to find a lot of folks here you already know. I've only been here a few days but I'm having a ball alreadyl

How's Chris? I hope she is better today.
Hi PHR so good to see you here --- I also know you from another site. It is so great to see old friends stopping by . see you around the threads.
You are off to a good start.Saying hello lets us know you are here. Look forward to seeing you around.
Hi Phil glad you decide to come join us here.How's Cris doing today is she still in ICU?Sending prayer's her way.:)
Thanks so very much for the warm welcome and concern over Cris too! ( she's still in ICU,but I think she will be moved into a semi-private room tomorrow - they changed her meds. around )
There are several names here that 'ring a bell' to me from somewhere and it looks like I should have no problem adjusting myself and even pick up some new friends along the way as well!
Most already know who I am,but for those that are at a loss, my initials are PRH - but feel free to call me Phil anytime you please!
I already stated that I'm from Ohio,but I skipped out on telling ya alittle about me ontop of that. - sorry -
For starters,I enjoy getting my hands dirty in planting some plants. I really enjoy bonsai and have been know to try my hand at growing some exotic tropicals. ( I haven't had much luck at that as this part of the globe I live in helps to take care of that situation real good - you can have those 4 seasons within a day sometimes ) :D
I love just about all kinds of music as I happen to be a drummer ontop of that. ( I just got involved with another small band last summer btw )
I simply enjoy repairing electronics too. ( vintage audio/visual are within the mix )
Anyway,I have my plate rather full sometimes with things that I get myself busy with and I never/ever thought that plants would have a place in my life when I was younger. I mean,I always liked looking at them - but... growing some!?!
So,I'm off to go visit with Cris here in alittle while,but I just wanted to say Thanks to each and everyone here for making me feel like I fit in and keeping Cris in those prayers and thoughts too! ( she is a fighter and I know she will be just fine once again ) I'll give her a hug from you all and it's very sweet that you all are concerned about her - I'll keep ya informed as best I can!
Thanks gang!!
Hello Phil and Welcome...I am sure we have meet some where ...Forgive me please...Look forward to seeing you around the place
Hi Phil and Welcome:D
Hope Cris is doing better:D:D
Nice to meet you and jump right in we are here for you.:D I may catch you in a Bonsai chat!

Morning Phil.......welcome to GF albeit a little belatedly....I only get in here a couple of times a week, so I get a bit behind in my welcomes lol, enjoy yourself!
Welcome Phil........sure hope you enjoy your stay with us.
A belated welcome Phil, it's nice to meet you. I can see you are getting settled in with old friends here, looking forward to getting to know you.
and another Welcome from the Hudson Valley.......you will have fun here....so many friendly people.....

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