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Thought I'd throw this new Thread out there for all of the Lenten Rose lovers.

Mine are starting to put on new growth. It's the first phase of the new perennial cycle. I call it the foliage phase. Flower phase comes next, in a couple of months. Can't wait.


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Welcome aboard Giardini!
You joined the right forum!
Love Helleborus!
I had to leave a few behind when I had to move from the city to here on the shores of Lake Erie!
Been wondering if there are any that would grow in very sandy soil?


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Thanks for the Welcome

Thanks for the welcome everyone. I do have pictures.....let's see how easy it is to upload....? OK, easy.

I only grow h.Orientalis.......a bit of an obsession. I've been growing them since about '93.....1995? I have 10's of thousands of them and it's so beautiful around here in Feb/Mar.


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Kya D

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OMGosh that is a wonderful garden of hellebours
I love them, but I only have a few plants. We don't have much shade in our yard.
Welcome to our family it is great to have you here


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Those are beautiful. I've never seen so many hellebours in one place. They are very pretty.


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Mine began a wee weak years ago and now it is huge. We have such crummy soil in MD (clay) and yet this plant thrives for me. I love it! ~ Curbie :) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to