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I wish I had what my grandparents used. Someone stole them all and sold everything when my grandmother went into the nursing home and before. Her son and family were l living in the house but no one knows where everything went.....
I have a lawn dethatcher that I couldnt live without. I didnt even know what it was until I saw it on a website. We bought a new house so we have a new lawn and I have used it a dozen times just this year
When we joined households almost 10 years ago, I provided most of the gardening tools. But David (Fiona's husband) brought one that is a treasure. It is a flat-pointed spade with a wooden D-handle. The D-handles on modern shovels are an added piece with steel forms to hold it in place. This old one has the handle and shaft all made from a single piece of wood.
I have an old golfclub style weed wacker that not only still works well, it's a great workout! And an old push behind cultivator. It hasn't been used in years, but if it's not too brittle I'm going to give that a shot. They were all my grandparents'.

That's so sad and frustrating to hear that those things disappeared from the property. My mom says that someone took or swindled my grandmother out of a lot of her old things, too.

There's a mess of shovels out there in the barn, but I don't think any are like that. How old is that one? Any idea?
I picked up several at a barn sale a few years back...but hav eno idea what most of them all .....I just wanted to hang them...I posted pictures of them on the old site...I will have to make my way out and get pictures and post then and see if anyone can ID them...
I don't really know how old that spade would be, but I have been buying tools for about 55 years and this one certainly dates before that. If I were to venture a guess, I would say that it dates back to about 1920.
We bought an old whetstone grinding wheel the one like Jed Clampett would sit on and peddle to sharpen Granny's knives etc on the Beverly Hillbillies. That whetstone has sharpened a lot of knives etc. by my husband. If anyone lives near Deering NH just saw one on CraigsList for sale.
My Dad had one of those too. He also wanted, but never did get, an anvil. He wasn't talking about one of those little jobs though. He had done blacksmithing in his early years in Oklahoma and he wanted to be able to do that again in his retirememnt. I remember watching his uncle Fred working in his shop. He had all the tools and a forge for heating the steel.
That's neat. There's a guy who brings his smithing set up to Log Cabin Days and it's really interesting watching him.

There's a pedal type whetstone in the upstairs of our barn. I'm just as confused as to how they hauled it up there as how we'd ever get it down. The ole barn ain't what she used to be!
A lot of the old barns had a pulley arrangement at the end of the barn for using hay forks to bring the hay up to the loft. That would have made it quite easy to get it up there.
A lot of the old barns had a pulley arrangement at the end of the barn for using hay forks to bring the hay up to the loft. That would have made it quite easy to get it up there.

You are right about the pulley method to help farmers get things up in the top loft. I do know if that whetstone is like my husbands it is some kind of heavy.
I'm sure it is. It can probably sharpen axes and knives just as well where it is though as it would if at ground level. Although, you would have to carry some water to its location.
Randy my husband loves to sharpen knives on his whetstone.
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I has a trimmer that has the handle you squeeze and the shears will cut it has a wheel in the back but I just gave that along with a few others to my son. Tired of caring for old tools I can't use. I have an old mule plow too. Now that I need a new handle on and then I will hang it up somewhere. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to