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I figured out what my unidentfied babies were. Campanula Americana. Tall Bellflower. Has anyone had these.? I understand they are biennial, like shade, will they grow in the sun? Any advise would be helpful. The seeds came from Prarie Moon.


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I don't know what good it will do you, but I have the perfect spot for!! Do you have a shaded area next to your house? I would plant them right up against it with astible and columbine. I have found more shade tolerable plants this year and I am loving them!!


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I planted them from seed when I planted my first garden years ago thinking they were perennials. I had them in both sun and shade and they did well in both places. You wont see a bloom the first year. but be sure to plant some more seeds next year so you will have them blooming every year.


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Campanula Americana is listed as an annual.
I always get nervous around campanulas since so many are classified as invasive! Biennial and annuals are safe and will act as perennial as they freely self seed!
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