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Kya D

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Please help me ID this reseeding annual
I got the seed from my daughter.
I know this isn't a great pic but maybe someone knows.


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    flowers 037.jpg
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My first thought was asters too, there are both perennial and annual asters. That one looks like the annual, the perennials are much taller.
Aster? maybe... these get about 8 inches tall and bloom from july til frost.
It's not purple dome the petals are more blunt and wider (about 1/4 inch) than the asters that I have.
I will try to get a different pic.
If it is an annual aster the flowers would be a bit larger and the leaves a bit bigger and it wouldn't get nearly as tall as the perennials.
Here you go my Asters.. Perennials.



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Nice...that does have a different petal on it...I like!! Will look around and if I find it, will let you know...very pretty!!!
Tell me about it! Mi blues are here so just keeping focused on several things until I get bored them; will just add more*LOL What do you think that plant is? Look like an aster to me. A better pic would be most helpful though...

Kya D, I was flipping through the new T & M catalog that came today and I saw something that looks very much like your picture. Check out Brachycombe...aka...Swan River Daisy.
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