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I have some left over biscuits and would love to make a biscuit/bread pudding. My mother in law used to make the best biscuit pudding using left over biscuits. Does anyone have a TNT (tried and true) recipe they would share.
I don't have one of those, Dale. I would think that you would make the custard mixture just like regular bread pudding and soak the biscuits in it before baking. Let me know if you find one.
I made up one and it needs a little tweeking but it was good. My husbands Mom made wonderful bread pudding and wanted to learn to make it like her. I used day old biscuits milk sugar 4 eggs pinch of salt couple tsp. vanilla extract. Will try again in a few days to make another. Stay tuned.
It reminded my husband of home and his mom when he was growing up. I am going to tweek it before I post.
Got my radar up for this one. I've found many recipes for bread pudding but not with day old biscuits. That's what I've been looking for over the years. It's the way my husband's grandmother made her bread pudding and I can't wait to try your recipe!
Palmettogal what I made up was good but I will try again soon. Will keep you posted. Do you know if she soaked her biscuits in warm water or milk?
Dale, I don't have a clue! If she knew we were coming over she would have it ready when we got there. That and hoe cakes, collards, and blackeyed peas with okra. I should have asked her how to make the bread pudding but back in those days I couldn't cook a lick and was probably quite content to just let her do what she enjoyed.
Is a Johhny cake a thin fried corn bread thinner than a pancacke. If so then yes.
Johnny cakes, hoe cakes y'all are speaking a different language.
I'm just a western girl
Yep, that's what it is. When I do go to deer camp, I always plan on making johnny cakes although mine are not really thin. I make them about a half inch thick. The people in deer camp will eat those with the stew that I make and then take the leftovers in their pockets (in plastic bags) for munching on while trudging along in the woods. I don't hunt, but I do enjoy cooking for the bunch.
Oh, Kya, I understand what you mean about a foreign language. There is a myriad of ways to utilize cornbread and the johnny cakes are one of my favorites. In the movie "True Grit", John Wayne carries along a bag of corn dodgers for trail food. Now, that one had me stumped. But if I recall correctly, those are cornbread balls that have been deep fried and may be something like "hush puppies". I am treading on thin ice here though and I am somewhat ignorant in this area. There are enough southern belles here though that should be able to shed light on my hypothesis.
You are right about what we call "hush puppies" aka corn dodgers. The hush puppie name came years ago here in the South. If anyone is interested will be glad to post the story behind "hush puppies" and hoe cakes.
Dale, I would love to hear the story.

I love hushpuppies, even though they are deep fried. I have a recipe for "baked hushpuppies" that is good. Another thing that I like is "Corn Fritters". My dad like them with fried fish but I like them with a pot of beans and fried okra.
Kim you are making me hungry and I just had supper. Will post the story. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to