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Kya D

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I Took This Shot Of These Bucks this fall while they were still all in a band together, before they lost their velvet and started the rut. It was early in the morning and they were so pretty


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Wow! That is really cool. When I was in Oklahoma visiting I had a chance to see them also. We don't see them like that here. We have no open land it is all wooded. Ususally when I see them I am swerving to avoid hitting them.
Wow again! Great picture!

And, yeah, what Crabbergirl said. We don't have that kind of open space. I never even seen more than 5 or 6 deer together at a time, and that's always does and fawns. My sister did get a picture of 5 sets of glowing eyes in her garden this summer from the deer eating her peppers, but you couldn't tell if they were does or bucks.
We do have some wide open spaces out here and they say that we have some of the cleanest air and the darkest night skys in the country. When there are no clouds you only have to look up and see a "gazillion" stars
We are pretty clear of light pollution here outside of Newberg, but it is not anything like what you describe. When I have gone elk camping over in eastern Oregon though, it is like you say. What a glorious sight to see when the sky is clear. I woke up one night and stepped outside the tent for a little while. It was quite clear, yet we had about 4" of fresh snow fall from the time we crawled in the tent until I stepped outside. The ground and the trees were covered with a fresh layer of brilliant white snow. The moon was full, so it was almost like daylight out there and there was absolute silence. What an experience!
I'm always blown away by the night sky in Vermont when we camp up there in the summer. A couple of years ago we got there before any of the rest of our group, and were enjoying the beauty of the wild flower meadow. It was so still the bees sounded loud! I turned to my much beloved geek man and said, "Wouldn't you love to live somewhere like this?"

He paused and shifted uneasily in his chair, then said, "We'll, but...there's no broad band internet connection up here."

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