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******Lets Talk Birds!!

They are such an important part of our ecosystem that keeps us content and challenged in so many ways.***

I have had the opportunity to watch and listen to several birds.Some do not visit to say hello but to eat a squash flower or a seedling or a beneficial buddy of mine.
I have mixed feelings about wild birds,on one hand they are usually beautifully colored and marked. Their songs and sounds vary so much from sweet thrilling tweet tweet sounds to violent " I'm on a rampage sound" to the whooo whooo whispers. All wonderful in their own way,even their flying patterns differ from gay fun gliding which may make one smile to a fast bullet flashing to make one hide*lol

They vary so in their care of babies and breeding some males actually care for the babies while mother dear flies elsewhere or sits on the clothesline*lol

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I had 35 turkeys in my yard today. Some were in the crabapple tree eating the left over apples. Took some pics and will post later
have chickadees, juncos, titmouses, cardinals, woodpeckers, morning doves, at the feeders, suet and the ground this am
Wanna see something funny??

This bird on the chair is too funny.
Skip the middle if you must , you have to see the end, too funny

My little Cockatiel, Toby use to dance like this and sing. His favorite voice was Barry White's

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Kale that is amazing...Love to watch my birds...many purple and yellow finch, woodpeckers, blue jays, cardinals here... I feed them every day...
Don't know how many times each day they bring pure joy to me...
Oh how I love my birds. I , like Laurie, have turkeys too, but we have kingfishers who hunt the swamp and love to sit in my garden. I also have Pheboe's and all kinds of nuthatch, wrens, and add swamp birds such a herons and cranes. A little birdy told me hubbs was getting me a new cannon SLR digital for Christmas:D stay tuned for bird pic!!!!
That dancing Cockatoo is pretty cool.

What's not so cool is how loud they can scream. They have a honk that's a cross between a car alarm and a Canadian Goose.

One day on the train I met a fellow from Australia, and told him I have a Cockatoo. His instant reply was "Bloody loud and obnoxious things, aren't they?"
I had 2 blue & Gold Macaws and a Patagonian. My husband hated the Macaws because of their call. Now mind you both could talk and were exceptionally conversational but they still reverted back to "flock talk" in the morning and at dusk. I still have the little Padaigonian and dearly miss my Macaws. When I went back to work full time it just was not fair to them. They reacted badly to the reduced contact. I got rid of the female first and eventually returned the male as well. Now they are both doing great back with my best friend who was the original owner. Happy for them , sad for me
Mainegal 35turkeys in your yard! too funny for sure!*LOL
chickadees will not come to my house ! I have 2 friends that get visits from them I go there to see them and take thier pics!

Juncos, Titmouses, None here by me I wish!

Cardinals, I love to photgraph them but do not need them in my gardens!
They steal all the flowers from my vining squash and pumpkins! I have a pic to proove I caught him in the act! Trust me it took a little while to catch him flower in beak! I knew it was him*LOL
Woodpeckers are so beautiful as long as he doesnt peck at my Privet,they have been behaving.
Morning doves, I only saw them in Spring this past year.I use to see Robins,they sorta hung out with me every tilling day for a few months in 05.
I fed them all the grubs that were under my ground as Itilled it.
That I have this black bird, not sure if he is a grackle or black crow.I do know he is meannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn worst then the Blue Jays! He was trying to kill baby squirrels.
Sure I don't want those thieves but I was on there side this time! They only went after the tiny scared babies.

Many purple and yellow finch ! I have never seen a purple one! WOW!
The only purple bird I have seen is my dearly beloved Lavender,he is a parakeet that talks complete sentences. He only repeats male voices*LOL He calls the cat and the orange nutcake runs to him *LOL
He was only several weeks old when I got him and now,all he has is a purple spot on his face,I was going to cvhange his name to BlueBoy..but he like Lavender *lol

Crabber you have turkeys too *LOL!!!!!!!!!!
Too funny!

Kingfishers are pretty colorful birds that eat fish correct?
Do Pheboe's look like chickadees? herons and cranes attack pond fish around here!* Clean one pond out in a minute...
Hopefully I wont get them at my house!
Sorry about your birdies Crabber...
Birds are needy with time.. I sometimes hang my little guys outside when I'm gardening; I talk and whistle with them while I work.Make good company:)

Bob, Yes too loud for me,My cockatiel, Timothy screams, the only way to SHUT him UP is to whistle a soft tone to him, then he will whistle along.
Dont bother to tell him Timothy QUIET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He does care...

Here are some birds(smile)
Not sure of the black bird's name.
Chickadee is at a friends house.

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Fine feathered friends

A friend took this photo outside his condo in AZ. He gave me the photos as he knows I am a nut for hummingbirds. I had never seen one sitting on its nest.


Here's a pair of the Bullock's Orioles that were robbing our hummingbird feeders this summer

Tried tempting the orioles away from the feeders with grape jelly which they LOVED! But they ate all the jelly and came back to the feeders to wash it down with a drink! LOL! They have a lovely song, but tend to chide you for being in their sight more than they sing.
You can listen to their song here listen to songs of this species


The 3rd brood of swallows for 2008 - the pair comes back every year (since 2001), and make their nest in the corner of our front porch, so we just leave their nest up now. They generally hatch 2 broods - 2008 was 3 broods and 2007 was also 3 broods! Really unusual as the juviniles from earlier broods will help feed the later brood!

Here were some new visitors for 2008 - doves
These birds were mostly gray shades of color but had underwings of white, with a dark band around the neck.

The doves also liked sitting on top of our chimney as it is the tallest point around - was eerie hearing those cooo-cooos come down the chimney. :rolleyes:

This is part of a pair of robins who come looking for baby food every summer
Us being in the yard doesn't even faze them.

And hummingbirds again - we have several who visit and watching them stake out a feeder and police it is always entertaining!


You can look here at the different varieties Hummingbirds
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Swallows are here!

The 3rd brood of swallows for 2008 - the pair comes back every year (since 2001), and make their nest in the corner of our front porch, so we just leave their nest up now. They generally hatch 2 broods - 2008 was 3 broods and 2007 was also 3 broods! Really unusual as the juviniles from earlier broods will help feed the later brood!

Poor little things must have flown through the snow to get here by tonight! Good thing we leave the nest up!! :)
Chickadeez came to nest at my house!

Excellent shots ! Thanks for sharing!

To my great wonder ans surprize I was working outside *lol and saw birds flying in my bird houses,never thought in a million years they were chickadees!
Dayz went by and I for some reason stopped working and got closer to see
(I couldn't see across the yard at what kind of bird), just thought it was the sparrows and when I saw who they were I ran like the wind and got my good camera.The pauses are from me taking pics while recording.

You can see my chickadee movie here ;),61.0.html

The robin is the their that stole 7 worms by the time I got a few pics of her!
She is the worm thief! I think she can spot them 100 feet above land*LOL
She zooms down like an eagle getting ready to scoop up a fish *LOL
Earlier I had cardinals which was another thrill.I only have a few pics and they are pics when the thief stole my squash flowers :eek: caught him in the act, it took a while but I had to know who was the thief*lol. Pleased to say I now have pretty new visitors..Hope they get great use of my bird houses!
Hope you enjoy the video.Note hold on to your seat.I try to watch (outside the camera in real life up close) them as I record..I know I shouldn't do it but Been doing that for put down your tea and hold on to your seat*LOL
It is still fun to see.

A few weeks ago I saw a tiny baby woodpeckers at a friends house.I was thrilled to watched them.They were so cute and tiny.
I have woodpeckers but they come here a little later more like summer time for the sunflowers.Although I hear them pecking at the trees.



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Dizzy what great pics! You too Kale. I have a wounderful Yellow crown night heron I took this weekend. Ok I know post them. Well I ordered 6 flash drives on line so I can copy and post pics at work. I am just waiting on their arrival should be any day now. I can't wait for you to see my pics.
I love to sit in my swing and watch the bird's.The bluebirds are busy building nest.a few already have tiny blue eggs in the nest boxes.We have alot of redbirds,our owl,s,bluejays,mockingbirds,wrens,several others don't know what they are.I heard turkey's gobbling yesterday morning in the back side of pasture.I have seen a few hummingbirds.
What kind of camera are you using?

Mine is just a HP Photosmart M417 5.2 MegaPixel - I keep it set on best or better (large size pics) and then crop & resize the photos as needed.
Thank you! My pleasure:D

I saw the chickadee a few minutes ago,I think they don't like checkered jackets*lol I took it off and put on a solid*lol
My tripod is ready, only I will have to place the camera back on.
Can't leave it there..May get another movie today.
Has anyone seen the short movie I took/made.:D:D (the pauses were me taking a pic(*lol)

Bob's reply reminded me of some neighbors across the street. When we first moved there I would periodically hear screams coming from inside their home. I really thought this guy was beating up on his wife but since I never could SEE any proof I held off on calling the police. Good thing, too. About six weeks later (as we got to know them a little) we found out they had a couple of large macaws and that's what was making all the racket! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to