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My new Brug arrived today. We have potted him up and he looks pretty good. He is a double pink. I guess that I should call him a she, but I normally call my trees boys. I am excited to watch this one grow.
Can't you grow them as a houseplant and put them out during the summer? I did that for 5 years in Ontario. We didn't even have any bug problems. I found my on Dave's Garden Marketplace. The price was good, and the guy had a great reputation.
Cool my hubby would kill me if I got another houseplant.
I have a huge bunch of them and they are over running the house.
My husband has major ants in his pants to get the house landscaped and to get more plants for the house, as if I didn't already have enough of an addiction problem. He tells me that I am his own personal horticulturist, and if I don't know the answer I better find it out on the web. I told him that I never had a turf course in college and would prefer to find someone to help with the grass problems. In one conversation he tells me to conserve, the next one he tells me to get the yard figured out, ha. He is confusing, but I like him.
My Frosty Pink Brug is blooming already. I was shocked to see a bloom yesterday. It bloomed for the first time last year and it was in September after Hurricane Ike. I will take a picture tomorrow. I better get to feeding her. What do you fertilizer yours with Jade?
My new brug is only about a foot or so tall. He will be a work in progress. I am a bit concerned about my Mandevilla, who we overwintered in the house and late winter lost almost all of its leaves and shows signs of thrip damage. We will see, he is outside now, and still is leafless, but has lots of buds.
Wow Dor, your brug is blooming already? Mine are now coming back from the winter hibernation. They're about a foot tall ...long time before I see blooms. Last year it was about almost Sept before I saw blooms too. Mine are all outside plants. Like to see pics of your new blooms. I have white and yellow ones I rooted from cuttings from trades. I lost my pinks but I'll try again for those.
I rooted one for you Gloria. I will get it to you soon. I want it to have a strong root system. My mother plant stayed green all winter. It died back a little but not all the way. I gave it a good hair cut and it bushed out a lot. It is about 6 1/2 feet tall. I was so shocked to see the bloom and when I looked through it I saw the pods. I keep mine outside too. I have two I grew from seeds. When they get larger I will get you a cutting from one of them. I have some seeds for a white and a red. I need to start them. I don't have the yellow. If you get some seeds I would like some. I will save some red seeds for you.
I'll root a cutting of the yellow for you Dor. I was supposed to send you cuttings last fall but the frost got to it first and I didn't get any cuttings. I think mine is large enough I could take a few cuttings now and get them started.
Mine blooms so late that I never get seeds!! Once the frost hits...they are out like a light for the winter! The limbs get mushy feeling. Orrr..maybe I shouldn't be so quick to cut them back??? When do you cut yours back?
Thanks for thinking of me with the rooted cutting of the pink.. and red seeds, I've wanted those for awhile.
I don't cut mine until the spring because as you said when the frost hit them the limbs ook mushy. I waited until they budded out and then I cut off all the shivilled up and below limbs. It is really bushy. Here's a pic of it the beginning of April.

You're Welcome. How did your yellow Hibiscus cuttings come out? I lost 2 of mine.


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I have 2 yellow hibiscus cuttings left. I think they will make it. I lost all the reds.
Thank you for the info on cutting back the Brugs. I gave up too fast and cut back too soon! Now I know..thanks.
You are welcome. Last year I cut mine back to soon. It is trial and error. I waited on everything this year and just pruned in the spring. I will see if it worked with my crepe myrtles. It worked with my roses too, every one is blooming.
Most things I prune in the Spring too. I pruned my crepe myrtles in early March and they're doing good. It threw me off with the brugs when the limbs got mushy feeling!! I thought it wasn't going to come back but it did. I wondered how seeds could be collected cause I never got any!! LOL..I'm glad to know what I did wrong!
I am heartbroken Gloria my morning glory bush didn't come back. I waited too late to take cuttings and now I am out of luck. I gave all the seeds away. I bought some from Garden store n more so I am going to start those very soon. I really love that bush. It was so pretty.
I'm soory to hear that Dor!! Mine is growing's very small yet but I will take seeds and/or cutting and send you as soon as it matures. All is not lost, cheer up my friend.
Thank you Gloria and I will start the seeds I just bought and hopefully they will do well. Next year I will bring it inside. I kept it on my porch but I will not take chances with it anymore.
My new brug is only about a foot or so tall. He will be a work in progress. I am a bit concerned about my Mandevilla, who we overwintered in the house and late winter lost almost all of its leaves and shows signs of thrip damage. We will see, he is outside now, and still is leafless, but has lots of buds.

I imagine that I will be feeding mine with the proven winners fertilizer. I will wait until he roots out a bit before I start fertilizing. I am excited to have a new one. We had a beautiful variegated one in Ontario, but I couldn't bring him over the border. I had to give him away. The proven winners fertilizer isn't so high in nitrogen and will stimulate blossoms. I don't want to push this guy too hard this year, he is a baby. I am really excited though.
I would love to get started in the trading. Buying stuff is just so expensive. If anyone has a variegated Brug, keep me in mind and I will trade you a double pink. All of us with addictions have to stick together to keep the cost down.
I don't have a variegated one Jade, in fact I have seen that one before. I bet it is a beauti. I am just getting into Brug and I am starting more from seeds. I like using epsom salts for fertilizer. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to