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I've been procrastinating about building a wood frame so |I can hang my grow-lights!
I have so many species of perennials to start and the time to do so is in the next few weeks!
The sunroom was the perfect spot for it! Its warm and bright and the grow lights will extend the amount of light needed to germinate seeds that require warmth, and or, light
Here's all the pieces I brought up from the basement (which is unheated).
The frame will be 2' X 4' with a shelf on the top for my tropicals! I put together the 2 end supports to place the top shelf on which will help keep the whole structure solid!
The nice thing is that it is all recycled wood so it didn't cost me anything! Nails, screws and carpenter glue are plenty since they are left over from various projects over the years!
I brought my grow lights with me when we moved here from the city!

Total cost is zero!

Once the frame is up, and secured together, I will enclose the whole thing in clear heavy gauge plastic....again from a previous project that someone did, and left the leftovers!


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But, not if I have to brave driving through the snow storm of the century!!

Almost done!
Just have to staple the vapour barrier on, and I'll be all set to sow more seeds!
I have another 4ft fixture that I think I will add to it to enlarge the growing area!

Here's a photo an hour later and I'm too pooped to do anymore tonight!


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I already kicked off the growing season with winter sowing about 20 different species of perennials(it maybe more---lost count);)! All 20, or so, needed an extended period of freezing and thawing so I sowed them before New Years! They are all sitting out on the deck in their ziplock bags covered in snow and ice! I can't wait to see them all sprout come spring!!
The grow lights are for ones that need warm temps and or light in order for them to germinate. They are always fun! I love watching them sprout, grow and develop!
I already have several species of hardy cacti which I started in the window in the sunroom. I know they were not getting enough sunlight to grow well because of the lack of sunlight. The growlights will make big difference in their growth! So, they're now happy under the lights!
Thanks Blue!
It was a fun project!

No one has asked what I have the framework on!
I had an old coffee table that needs to be refinished, and didn't want to put in in the basement!
So I placed the base on the table!
It works for me! ;)
i didn't know exactly what it is sitting on Ron but I could see a table. Great project.
I would love to build something. Got the lights and wood. Need to get some chains for the lights. I've got to get some seeds planted. Got to stay off FB and the darn games and not work so Need to plant some of my glads and dahlias too, they need a head start here to really bloom good
Isn't working with your hands cool ?? Sweet job ya got going on there,thanks for sharing with us too!! :)
I made a frame for my older daughter a number of years back. I made it out of 1" square steel tube and welded it all together.
Now that is something I might be able to do....just need a welder! I have the square metal tubing!
Randy, you could always bring yours and we can build one together...or two!
That would be a fun project to do together. I have the perfect welder for that small tubing too. I bought it quite a few years back to weld together supports for water heaters when the building codes changed and you had to elevate the water heaters so the pilots were 18 inches above the floor. That was done because gasoline fumes are heavier than air and are less likely to cause a fire with the water heater elevated. Electric water heaters are another matter.
This gives me an idea. It has been too cold to get my seeds started even in the plant room. I can use the plant bulbs in my light in the laundry room. They will stay warm and sprout! It just hit me when I saw your frame.
This gives me an idea. It has been too cold to get my seeds started even in the plant room. I can use the plant bulbs in my light in the laundry room. They will stay warm and sprout! It just hit me when I saw your frame.

WTG Nancy!
I'm so glad I inspired you!
The plastic vapour barrier around the frame helps to keep the heat in. The tubes let off just enough heat to stimulate germination! I keep them on for 14 hours a day.
I could just tac some painters plastic to the sides of the light fixture and drape it to the floor. It would be like a mini greenhouse.The fixture is 4' and has 6 bulbs, and is in the middle of the room which is about 8X12. Hmmmm now where am I going to do my laundry?!?
Take a photo of your creation Nancy! Please! Pretty Please!!

My brother brought me an 8ft fixture that I will be using in the basement!
8ft is just too large to make another 'greenhouse' in sunroom! Around late March i'll make a 'greenhouse' area in the basement to start more seeds!
I am seriously considering bringing up my other 4ft fixture and double the light area is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to