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I can finally post pics. again so here is my suppose to be Christmas Cactus but it's been blooming for a week now. My yellow and blush cactus have buds and a few scattered blooms.


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Tis' The Season!!
Thanks for sharing with us,I have a yellow one that's showing off too! ( can't get posting pics down well though )
Thanks Kya and PHR.
PHR, I can't post from my main computer either, I had to use my laptop to post these pics. I don't know what the difference is.
ooooh Purdy!!!

I have tried to keep those alive before..but I eventually end up over watering them...:(
I noticed that my peachy-yellowish one has 2 open blooms on it today! I love Christmas cactus! Now I need to get to Walmart or Lowes and get a couple more colors! Dang.
That's beautiful I have one but it's not got a bud on it yet.Your's look's so healthy.What do you do to make it so healthy mine's still small.:confused:
I have all of my cactuses in a spare bedroom and when I went in to check on their water I found these new blooms. It really lifted my spirits to see these pretty blooms.


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