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Does anyone grow carrots? I got carrot seed from Grow A Row for the Hungry but I have never done carrots before.:confused:
I just put the seeds in a row as spread out as I can and they are always too close so I pull and eat small carrots to thin them. The looser the soil is the better they grow.
You will do great...
Last year I planted some carrots that were round like radishes, those were the sweetest carrots I ever ate.
there is nothing better than a sweet young carrot. I can't wait until mine are big enough to start
My underground rodents (moles and gophers) love them too. I still manage to get enough though.
I have to keep at it or they will get all of the root crops. I tried a little eradication this afternoon, but you never know if you are successful unless the mound stop appearing.
You know I haven't seen any ground moles so far this year. Haven't see any chipmunks either. I wonder if my brown snake in the back yard got them.
One thing I learned about carrots is that the sandier the soil the better. Also no small sticks ( no big ones either:D) , stones or other obstructions. They like it a little on the cooler side of blistering hot. Although I can grow them in summer just takes more water. I received the same seeds, planted them on Friday night. Wanna Race????
My soil has been amended sufficiently to where it is really good for carrots and I can plant the long ones. In the past, I leaned toward those Danvers Half-long carrots. There is a corner spot in the garden that is still clay though. It previously was a notch in that corner that was occupied by the end of some telephone poles and part of the berry patch. I'll throw stuff from the stalls in there for a couple of years and that will bring that area around.
Oh my gosh, carrots are so easy here, I always think when I start harvesting, what a gift. Wish I could keep them for the whole year. Just thin them out to about 3 inches apart.
Good advice. One year Annette, I had carrots that were at least 4" across the crown. And they acty=ually tasted good too and were not fibrous. I have had parsnips that were about 14 and 16 inches long. They are really good in soups and stews.
Well you already have a head start! I'm not going to plant until Saturday.

Well it appears you may win anyway! We are having a bad noreaster with high winds and lots of rain.:( My seeds have headed north with the St. Johns river:eek: so anyone north of me with a surprise of carrots in your yard....just say thnak you;) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to