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Yes! That's it. And I tell you they will multiply like crazy in the right place. I love them. Reading that ad you will have to dig them for winter won't you? They do really well in large pots and they like to be crowded.
Wow they are so beautiful, thank you so much dear girl! Yes I will have to dig them up each fall or put them in a pot. I wonder if I mulch them really well if they would get through a zone 5 winter in the ground?

It depends on what your lowest low is an how long it will freeze. Mine with stood 28* for 2 days. Maybe someone else has some in a northern zone? Anyone??
we have had times here were the temp will go -5 to -10 in the worst part of winter. So i think I will pot them so I can bring them in for the winter. I am really excited to see them bloom! I love these lilies! TY so much Crabbergirl:D Makes loosing the ceramic egg to my puppy more

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