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Yes, and it is very easy. Actually my columbine produced so many seeds last year I had plenty to shae with those here on the site. As I have been working my garden this year I have found at least a dozen volunteer plants. You don't really have to plant the seeds just braodcast them across the soil and water them in;)
I'm going to try planting a few packets of McKana mixed color Columbine in pots. I hope that the weather is not too cold yet. The seed packet suggests May but in this z8 the weather is much warmer this year than usual. Do you know if they will flower this year or will I have to wait until next year? Tx :)
mine did not flower the fisrt year here in Pacific Northwest...but had wonderful blooms the next two years...and I transplanted when we moved here
I find it best to sow the seeds in late summer where you want them to grow! They either germinate in the fall, or in the early spring.
I had beautiful Columbine and did very little to care for them As they said above just broadcast them where you want them. I haven't had much luck with transplanting them.
...I should add: Do Not Cover the Seed with soil, they require light in order to germinate! Prepare the area, then scatter the seed over the surface and water in lightly! Once the seedlings are large enough you can transplant them elsewhere!
I have planted a few packets in planters and covered them slightly. I did this prior to posting here, unfortunatly and have also broadcast a few more packets in a sunny spot. Most agree here that if my columbine matures that it MAY not bloom until next year......but.....we'll see! Thanks :)
Our warm climate (10b) does not give good germination result for columbine. We buy seedlings, which are raised in northern hilly areas, at high cost and grow them in our mild winters. I wish there could be any heat tolerant species of columbine. They are the prettiest flowers i have ever seen.
Columbine is a wonderful seed to wintersow. Hopefully I will have columbine seed to share this year...been keeping an eye on it this year since I waited too late last year. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to