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I thought Id take a few minutes to share and save the roses from sitting in the stores and dying because people are getting rather discouraged.
I have met lots of gardeners that gave up on growing roses due to the pest and disease problems. . I hear statements such as “They are just too much work for me” or “too hard to grow, I gave up” or “Roses hate me” or even, I tried but..(fill in the blank)
With great convincing encouragement, I have encouraged a few to continue or start and helped them along the way even planted them for free and visited to show them how to prune and care throughout the season. Drove over to see when they finally got a bloom! It was a fulfilling experience to hear a heart full of love for a rose.
But was it a rose or the fact that she grew it almost by herself with the though she never could. I am an enthusiastic front and back yard Gardener that takes growing roses maybe a bit more serious then the next grower.
I am meticulous in their care no matter who owns them.My therory is preventaive care is the best care .


I thought I would set this thread up for new rose growers and those that want to grow roses and not quit certain on which to grow or how to grow.

Those that do grow or have grown or know of a rose that may be good for the New Grower to grow will then share with us names/kinds.
Rose Growers...
Our goal is to get Gardeners to enjoy the experiences of growing roses just as we do.
To encourage in truth no made up stories please.

Lets share our Rose information.

Thank you for starting this thread..I love roses and have as many as my small yard can handle..Not fussy in their care but just the same they get lots of it..Out here in Oregon they bloom about 7 months out the year so I have lots color..

To the new roses gardener to let them scare you...Love them and they will love you back.

Oremudpie aka melanie
Hi Oremudpie,
Do you know the names of your roses?
I know almost all of mine .The ones I don't are some minis Hubby bought me last year for my BD. So I renamed them.

I know that one rose I have had for years was named wrong may-be someone can name her for me. I have not seen her in any book or catalog or online I truly love her the scent is one to behold sorta makes you forget your troubles. Her colors are simply darling.
My minis that are doing fine are Black Jade, they are resting now. I was going to bring one indoors but wasn't sure I would have the time to save it.
My daughter bought it for herself and gave them to me when all the leaves fell off and aphids infested them.It was indoors, middle of winter! Not long after she bought them.
My thought is that while in the growing place (where ever that may have been) they fertilized them to no end and when we took them home we didn't feed with chemicals, so it just needed a fix,first I sepearated them then put them in a good soil,then come spring I sat them in good soil and off to the races they went.We got 3 minis out of that one pot, which was kinda cool considering she had bought 3 pots.

She was going to try her hand in minis, but...found out quick enough it is not my strong point.I was tired after tending hers all winter indoors.
Just trying to figure them out.Maybe they needed way more lighting??

Do you grow minis?

I love my roses even if some don't have a name, I have lots of roses that grow well for me and take little work,but 2 that are easy first is a climber called red blaze I'm sure a few of you have them #2 is a min rose called green ice( yes it has a green color to it) I'v had for about 5 years it sits under my baby love a very nice old fashion single petal yellow rose this little rose love the shade and damp soil and gives me tons of blooms every year. each year I say no more roses there to much work but I still find one or two I want, I'v been known to stop by a house thats for sale and ask if I could have a cutting most of the time I hear take the whole thing we were going to dig it up any how this is why I have a few with no names, Never give up on roses there some thing about growing them that makes you feel good about your self
Well true story is the "old" GG is what made me go from a few containers on the porch to 5 flower beds, 1 huge vegetable bed ( to be first planted in spring) and the 40 (+ 8 new ones coming in spring) roses. The first couple of years I treated them as disposable.. planted in containers and not having a place to bring them in winter, let them die and replaced them the following year. Our yard had an old rambler that was neglected and had black spot. When I started to actually clean and (semi) plan our yards, my first two" in the ground" roses were Don Juan and Red Masterpiece. They are still going strong and are always the first two roses that get uncovered in spring.
My pink rambler? Does not have black spot anymore. I cut her back every other summer after she is done blooming. She shares her garden spot with 4 o'clocks, garlic, ornamental peppers,hardy hibiscus and peonies. I do know the names of all my others, and they are found EVERYWHERE throughout the gardens. I also have about 90 containers through the gardens but none contain roses.
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Well let me think...
Roses that came with the house when we bought 5 years ago are Ron Regan, Spice Twice as Nice and a mini that is JP's Bubble Gum (I had one at my house in Suisun Ca).Now I have added, Nancy Regan, Aroma Therapy, Sun splash, the bubble gum rose had a baby this spring curitosy of a an accidental cutting that grew so I call her Accidental Rose. The Oregon Garden rose that was culitivated for Oregon Gardens out in Silverton Or where I spend my Tuesday's playing in the dirt..The rest I would have to look up but I love them all..
I keep wanting to give Debe aka Vegemm the Oregon Garden rose when she comes over but it just won't go home with her....
Oh well..
oremudpie aka melanie
Don't forget folks, you can add photos to your discussions.

Got a favorite rose but no idea what it's called? Get the digital camera out, snap a photo or two and post it here. Somebody (not me) may well be able to identify it.
I have pictures! Well 5 to start with.:D

Pink rambler, mardi gras, april in paris, Paul Shirville, Don Juan


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Don't forget folks, you can add photos to your discussions.

Got a favorite rose but no idea what it's called? Get the digital camera out, snap a photo or two and post it here. Somebody (not me) may well be able to identify it.
OUCH! Thanks Bob,we didn't know that:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


Playing is a very effective way of learning.
Different post.!

Ill set them up then read what happened while I was napping!

Don't forget folks, you can add photos to your discussions.

Got a favorite rose but no idea what it's called? Get the digital camera out, snap a photo or two and post it here. Somebody (not me) may well be able to identify it.
Bob I think your hard drive is making a noise.:(:(
This thread is for Encouraging those new growers of roses.

Sorry Bob,I had a few things I was working on.Been pressed from all angles..
Didn't mean to bite your head off.Sorry...:(

Garden Bear, ! Very well written!
Isn’t that true, something about growing roses…
Can you post some pics of the ones that aren’t named in the other thread? Maybe we can help you, if not we will still see your blooms!
I didn’t remeber you grew roses! Interesting!:)

Sassmuffin, Nice shots !
Will you recommend any of the roses you posted pics of?
Pretty roses. Is your rambler scented?
Rambler is a one time bloomer what do you have near it?
Mardi gras (Floribunda) Simply pretty.
Sass, which one of your many roses would you recommend to a new grower?

Oremudpie, What made you think your rose would go?
I do not grow any of the roses you have listed, which one would you recommend that has more then one tone, one being yellows or orange family?

The rambler is scented, medium rose scent, very nice, to the left of it I have 4o'clocks and the right side is peonies, hibiscus,sage,garlic,chinese lanterns,spearmint, and those are all bordered by marigolds and nicotina... all of the roses I posted here, I would recommend, Paul Shirville and April in Paris, for the scent and delicate pinks. For a new grower, I would go with don juan, he's easy to care for, and lots of blooms and smells great. Strong plant, not prone to diseases, He was one of my first and I have never had problems with him. Iceberg is also a great rose, very easy to care for and loves to grow, smell good. Diana Princess of wales, is another good one. Blooms last a long time. Not much of a scent but the large blooms and strong stems look good in the garden. ( I did update my albums and have at least one picture of each rose )
OH my You have Diana Princess of wales!
Every picture I saw did nothing for me ,then...I saw her in person!!! Oh my you are lucky.She is stunningly beautiful!
I was trying for her for next year I though Id give my MIL a gift and get to play with her there.*lol

My Don Jaun had a pest which I still need to be certain I identified correctly,may post him in bug section*LOL The same little guys got Queen Elizabeth in 3 locations (friends roses) 6mile radius.
And My Mr.Lincolns, had to cut down about or more then 3feet of stems! :( They were down by the knuckle it was terrible I had buds and blooms galore.Tried cuttings I'll see in spring if any took...

Nice,where can I see your pics!??

sass your roses are just beautiful. I had some in Tx. But will have to start over in Ky. And will try the ones you suggest. And they can with stand the cold and snow here? I hope are nice.. Linda
I live in Zone 5 so if they can handle midwestern winters with just leaves, they should do okay in KY. I'm glad you liked them, they are my babies. During the season I take my camera out with my breakfast and snap pictures.
Sassmuffin, I viewed your album!
What pretty Roses and Flowers, you sure have a good taste in flowers too!
Thanks for sharing!
I was wondering who the orange one was.

I posted comments on the ones you left messeges on. I have 2 Orange roses. Wild Fire on the east slope (chain link fence in back ground) and Laura bush in the south perenniel bed.
Input is needed!

I was told that I can pick a rose for under 25.00 I can't even imagine spending that much on a plant but...Not my money so, I'm contemplating doing it. I'm so confused, I simply love the hybrid teas but love the Grandifloria too, actually they all serve a different part of me *LOL
But I lean towards the Hybrid Teas for their scent and loveliness,then Grandifloria then Floribunda (then Climbers if they would actually show their blooms *lol) I don't know:eek::eek:

I have some Hybrid Tea in mind "Summer of Love" that I just saw, but there are many others (of course!!) Wild Fire, Light My Fire, Wild Blue Yonder,Diana Princess of Wales,Malibu, Or maybe even one that I have already to see if there is indeed a difference in all around quality.

Dont want to spend that much money if it is going to behave like almost all my Hybrid Teas as far as black spot, I can get great pest free blooms without spending all that money if it will just behave and not spot up on me it would (ouch) be worth it.
I do want to know if the more expensive Hybrids are truly better quality,I have seen lots of expensive rose bushes *HBTeas included) in other peoples gardens and my cheap (most if not all I paid under 5.00 a few at 75%off) roses would have won any contest against theirs (and black spot was on theirs too so we would have been = in that category) that is what lead me to think it is all how you grow, care for them.
Not sure one is worth all that money.
I am however extremely curious to know if hybrid teas by known growers and named breeders do make a difference. (It has been said you get what you pay for but; mine looked better then the person that said that to me*lol)

Help! Not sure who to pick!
I have been clicking around in the J&P site...too many to pick from!

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