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I have been using this spray since 2003.
Here is the recipe.

Oh boy hot pepper spray is so easy! I make my own but you can purchase it through some organic sites.
Here is the recipe for ya!

1 pint of hot peppers
1 bulb of garlic
2 tbs dish soap
2tbs vege oil
1 5 gallon bucket and 4 gallons of water
cheese cloth

Puree the peppers and galic then add a little water and puree more.
Add pepper mix to water and cover. Let sit over night. Starin through cheese cloth into a 2 gallon garden sprayer. Add soap and oil.
Spray plants leaves stems and around the trunks on the ground. DO NOT Spray in the heat of the day or when the plants are in direct sun as it can burn the plants. Must be reapplied after rain or watering. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.
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I leave out the veggie oil,, it can burn leaves-- if sprayed in the sun light.--

I also don't work so hard at my mixture,, such as blending the hot peppers etc-- When it is pureed the seeds get caught up in the sprayer,,and cloggs it
Use the cheese cloth to strain the mixture it removes all the seeds and chuncks. And yes you are right brassi, you should never spray in the heat of the day or when the sun will hit the plants before they dry or it can burn the leaves this is true of any spray.I should have bolded that part of the directions as they are so important especially to those not fully aquainted with organic gardening. The oil is essential to helping the logevity of the spray. As with most organics repeated applications can be hard for some people to keep up with. I can actually get about 8 gallons out of that recipe by reusing the strained peppers and adding more water & oil. I have since found that canola oil actually has better use in the garden for organics.You just reduce the amount in half.
Thanks for posting that Maine I always have request for it and your help is sooo appreciated.
I am higly alergic to pepers so I wont be using this but I can't help but wonder what is this spray for. I'm sure it's going to be one of DUH answers but I can't figure it out.
I use it for an organic pestaside. Once you put it on then the little critters just move on. I don't think they like the peppers.
A couple things happen with the spray. First it will deter rabbits and other varmin that like to eat plants. Well sometimes anyway for the firat time last fall it didn't work on rabbits at my house :rolleyes: :p
On direct contact with pest it will kill them for others it has a taste and effect that is not pleasant and they will only take a little bite of you plant and move on. Some softbodied insects need only to come in contact with something that has been sprayed to suffer. The oil helps it stick to the plants a little longer but usually you need to reapply after rain or top watering.
I will try this spray because I have bugs sometimes and rabbits and deer all the time.
You can save your hair from a hair brush or visit a salon. Place the hair in panty hose or just drape on plants it will keep deer out of the garden , I also found leaving a radio on will make them think long and hrad about coming near. At least for a while.
I am wondering if this spray will kill benifical insects like ladybugs and parying matis? I have both these here. But also would like to know if this spray would help deter cats if i sprayed it on the ground of my flower beds?

I am tempted to try it on my russian sage but I don't know if it would work. With my luck the dog would like the pepper spray as much as the sage
I would have to ask Crabber to be sure, but I don't think it kills anything. I think it just makes the plants so distasteful the bugs stay away.
You are right Randy with the exception of DO NOT SPRAY IN HOT SUN! or when plants can not dry before sun hit them.
Now however plants that have rough surfaces cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and herb leaves will hold on to the oil a lot better and sometime will have a spicy taste . So do a test before using it on the entire plant. Gota go to work bye!
I am not so much worried about killing my dog I can handle that just fine on my own lmao. I just need to stop him from eating the russian sage. Last year he ate about $50.00 worth of sage before I finally gave up trying. It is one of his favorite herbs to eat
I had one a long time ago that made sure I didn't get any ripe tomatoes, but it was pretty hard to be irritated at him. He sure loved those things.
most dogs do NOT like the pepper spray however there are the few that crave hot stuff. Just like people
And yes I have dogs who think tomato plants with fruit on the are ball trees!
Back in those days when I had Kraut (German Short-haired Pointer), I only had one tomato plant. We would often hunt pheasants in the tomato fields in the Sacramento Valley and he would be in tomato heaven. He would not stop hunting, but could snag tomatos on the run. Tomato juice would run out of his mouth while running along. When he finished one, he would snag another.
Mine seems to like the russian sage, hens and chicks, and the rubber tree (this one he has learned the hard way to stay away from). The rubber tree was moved to a room where the dog has no access and the hens and chicks I just gave up they dont have a chance. The sage well I will try again this year too. We did have a puppy a few years back that loved our prickly pear pads
Funny how people don't think of dogs a veggie heads but if you offer it to them often they enjoy it. Mine love apples too.

I would try the pepper spray on your plants it might save his lfe from something not so good! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to